Direct Resource & Indirect Officer Structure: An Auspicious Structure Which Turned Out Otherwise

Direct Resource_Indirect Officer_BaZI_Chart

Posted On Last updated May 26, 2020 | Published on May 19, 2020

I recently came across a pretty interesting chart. There are certain auspicious chart structures in BaZi that practitioners tend to look out for. For example, with 7-Killings (七殺) appear, we always need to pay extra attention to it and assess the role it plays in the chart. It’s a taboo for weak Daymaster charts to encounter 7-Killings, and we need to find a remedy to such charts and one of the ways to do it is to have the Resource (印) ‘god’ in the chart. Direct Resource is preferred usually, but Indirect Resource works just as fine in most cases. Which is preferable will depend on the overall structure of the BaZi chart and the possible Stem Combinations that appear.

In most cases, you would have that 7-Killings and Resource appearing together are a good thing, but if there’s anything my BaZi students know, it’s that you never assume these sayings apply across the board.

The above chart is one such case where both 7-Killings and Resource appears. We usually call this BaZi chart structure 印绶化煞 meaning the Resource ‘god’ comes into the picture to protect the Daymaster from 7-Killings. In a lot of cases, hearing this term is a good thing and many beginners to BaZi will jump to the conclusion that as long as 7-Killings and Resource appear together, you can regard it as a high-quality BaZi chart where nothing will go wrong.

Not in this case. Why though?

The Daymaster of this chart-holder is actually already considered strong, so this chart structure technically doesn’t fall into a qualified ‘Direct Resource Converts 7-Killings’ (印绶化煞) chart structure. I’ve met the chart-holder in person during a feng shui audit and it does concur with my analysis of the chart. He is not like the usual textbook example where the chart-holder is imbued with leadership qualities and a strong presence.

Knowing why certain chart structures are deemed positive and why certain ‘gods’ like to appear with each other is a good start to your BaZi learning journey, but BaZi analysis is not that simple. The most important aspect of BaZi analysis is still to know the interaction and interplay of the Five Elements and their impact on the overall balance of the chart.

– Sean

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Written by Sean Chan

Sean Chan is Asia's leading Chinese metaphysics consultant specializing in BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Qi Men Dun Jia, and Feng Shui. A thought-leader in the field, Sean's been featured on Channel NewsAsia, The New York Times Style Magazine and other local media. He blogs regularly about various topics surrounding Chinese metaphysics and aims to educate the public about the field.

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  1. Bryan

    No wealth to engender 7k authority. Yes i can relate because my chart has similar effect.

    How it relates to real life is that the person will tend to be stressed/flustered when 7k month/days come and start to overthink or run away from problems instead of fixing them like a boss.

    Also when 7k transform to excess resource, it will grow BJ/RW and cause the person to have poor interpersonal relationships or start to play the “tarik” card instead of taking up responsibility.

    Yes, hate to admit yet i been through that during my down years.


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