A Pointless Qi Men Dun Jia Divination On Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election

August 30, 2023

I am on a blogging roll thanks to Mercury Retrograde.

I’ll be blunt like I always am. Doing a Qi Men Dun Jia divination on Singapore’s 2023 Presidential Election feels pointless. We all know who will win, although there is always a very, very small chance I might be wrong. It’s like how the probability of a corgi killing you is small – but never zero.

This post is so damn dull to write, so I will be extremely crude here so that my brain cells shrivel up and die of boredom. That said, please understand I have nothing but respect for the two candidates – although I heard there are three.

Is the third one a calefare or something?

Let’s admit it: Astrology aside, my gut feeling is that Tharman will win this – and it’s only to be expected. Look at that divine head of his that’s exuding wisdom and compassion. We all know who he is. He’s an old guard, no scandals, and he’s done Singapore proud. He’s one of the few politicians that I like and respect. He’s got his glorious head in the right place, whereas others had their other heads in the wrong place.

I’m sure we all can discern who is a good person and who isn’t somewhat. So, let’s admit it. Most of us love Mr Tharman. I am all ready for an Indian President, Prime Minister, food, whatever. Bring it on because once you go black, you can’t go back. Let’s not forget that Mr Tharman’s wife is also very, very endearing.

To be clear, I don’t side with any political party, although I hope they get me to screen who they recruit at some point in my life. I hope good people govern us. That’s all I care about. I am ready to renounce my citizenship and defect to North Korea if a clown wins the election. If anyone from the Ministry of Home Affairs is reading this – I am joking. Hire me instead.

This post is a straightforward technical post on what a Qi Men Dun Jia chart reveals about the elections and a simple reflection of who the country leans towards.

The Interpreting Of A Qi Men Dun Jia Chart Is Fated

Everyone would remember me saying that doing a divination requires focus and sincerity. Because generating a chart and interpreting it should be seen as a “fated” or “synchronous” event. In other words, the correct interpretation of a chart by someone is fated, and so is an incorrect interpretation.

Let’s use the example of the US Presidential Elections back in 2020. Many practitioners tried to use QMDJ to try to forecast who would win. Some got it wrong, while others got it right.

The interesting thought experiment is this. Suppose ten practitioners who know their stuff did a divination on the 2020 Presidential elections, and let’s assume that Biden was the fated one to win based on the will of Heavens and both party’s BaZi charts: all ten charts should lead to the same conclusion, and there should be a logical breakdown of how this conclusion was arrived at.

Now, there is a chance that a few of these ten practitioners will get it wrong, and there could be different reasons that it’s wrong. It could be due to a genuine mistake or careless oversight, or it could be the chart generated wasn’t the “fated” chart to be seen, which boils down to the sincerity and gravitas of the situation.

I’ve discussed these topics before, but I won’t bring them up again for now to keep things focused.

Whenever I do a Qi Men Dun Jia divination for a client, I’m always worried about whether the chart I see is meant to be seen. Because if it is not, then I will get the analysis wrong, which I don’t want to happen because someone is relying on the information I’m about to provide.

I hope everyone gets what I am trying to say here. Assuming most or everything in life is fated, then interpreting a chart is, too.

Why This Qi Men Dun Jia Divination Is Pointless

My clients and followers on Instagram have been asking me to do a Qi Men Dun Jia divination for the upcoming presidential elections in Singapore. I was hesitant about it because the outcome should be obvious. I mean, seriously, what are you expecting? Even if I weren’t a practitioner, I know Tharman will win. If anyone but Tharman wins this, our country will be in crisis.

I didn’t want to open up a Qi Men Dun Jia chart flippantly and end up confusing myself because I knew I wouldn’t be asking the question wholeheartedly. You don’t need to do divination to ask where the Sun will rise from or whether you’ll take a dump tomorrow. Some things in life are obvious: the sun rises from the east, and you’ll always need to take a shit.

To me, Mr Tharman winning is as set in stone as the Sun rising from the East tomorrow, and I can already imagine his face on the Sun like in Teletubbies, with beams of light radiating from that majestic bald head of his.

Again, I need to reiterate that it’s improbable that Tharman won’t win this. The only time I’ve heard of Ng Kok Song was when a client mentioned his name during a consultation, asking me whether he should go work for him, to which my answer was “no”. I can’t speak for others, but for someone I do not know to suddenly appear and make me feel like he can do a better job than Tharman is not going to be easy. The only way I’m going to cast a vote for a new guy is if this person can literally shit gold to increase our reserves, especially when everyone is talking about the bloody reserves.

Imagine that. It solves all problems. We don’t even need to have a debate on who’s gonna do what with the reserves.

“Hey, you! Go shit us some gold!” Problem solved.

Oh, But I Am Fickle

Now, but I am fickle, and I wanted to experiment.

If I truly believe that the generating and interpretation of a chart is fated, it must speak to me, and it must speak to me even when I am taking a shit (which I hope will be gold). In other words, I deliberately generated a chart when I was taking a shit, and what do you know?

It spoke to me – and I cut my shit in half (I know you know what I mean) and sat on the bowl longer than expected after the deed was doodied.

And because the chart spoke to me, I have no choice but to write a post, especially when today’s the last chance I get to write something – because thank you for reminding me tomorrow is Cooling-Off Day. This chart was not as easy to decipher because I worked on it with some preconceived notions of what a Qi Men Dun Jia on elections would look like, but I think I’ve managed to come to a plausible explanation of what the chart is telling me.

Now, for good measure and hedging the risk of a moron reading this: Please don’t decide to test this and take a shit at the Goddess of Mercy temple. Singapore laws apply. You can’t do a Qi Men Dun Jia divination like I do, so kneel with your pants on, clench those buttcheeks, and shake those sticks. Do not take a shit at the temple, or I will wring the life out of you with my bare hands.

Anyway, here’s the chart that came up as my thighs started to cramp up on the non-ergonomic toilet seat:

Let’s establish the parameters:

  • I’m asking about Tharman Shanmugaratnam vs. Ng Kok Song. If I may say so, “Shanmugaratnam” sounds like an amazing name that can inspire allies and strike fear in enemies. “They have a Shanmugaratnam.” It’s like some name of a secret weapon, and I always say his name as though I’m casting some spell. Expelliarmus, Wingardium Leviosa, SHANMUGARATNAM~!
  • I’m also asking about Ng Kok Song. No offence to this old man, but his name ends up being the butt of the joke of uncles at coffeeshops hoping they embodied the name’s literal meaning. For my readers from overseas, “Kok Song” is a crass translation of “happy penis” using both dialect and colloquial terms. Don’t flame me for this – we’re all Singaporeans here, and there are even memes on this. I like him, actually, and I think he comes from a good place. As inspiring as his name is, the odds are stacked against him.
  • I heard there was a third candidate. That’s all I heard, so let’s just leave it here.

Here are the significators to look out for:

  • Year Stem of Mr Tharman: Mr Tharman was born in 1957, a 丁酉 year.
  • Year Stem of Mr Ng: Mr Ng was born in 1948, a 戊子 year. I initially thought it was 1947 (丁亥) based on what my client told me, and the interesting thing here was that the Qi Men Dun Jia I did for my client back then still yielded the correct information.
  • Significator representing the presidency: This is usually represented by 值符。Keyword “usually”. Read on.
  • Significator representing the electorate: Basically, you and me. The Stems of the BaZi chart that appears with the QMDJ chart will represent us.

What’s The Obvious Conclusion?

I’ve got to admit, I went into deciphering this with a lot of bias because Mr Tharman winning this was always at the back of my mind, so I had to consciously tell myself to remain objective when deciphering the chart.

Here are the things that stood out to me:

  • Mr Tharman (丁) sits within the middle-bottom sector of 坎 (kǎn) Water. If we know what the 坎 Trigram means, we often associate it with being trapped or no manoeuvrability. Being in 坎 in itself doesn’t mean he’s unwilling to become the president, and you could see it as the position just fell onto him, and I say this especially because 天柱 + 开门 are in very empowered and auspicious states. Some practitioners will say he has no choice or that he’s unwilling, which I’m afraid I have to disagree with. I feel that Mr Tharman is willing to serve, and he feels the presidency position will position him to do so, especially when our faith in the government needs some renewal.
  • Mr Ng (戊) sits on the top-right sector of 坤 (kūn) Earth. Setting aside what 坤 means, for now, this sector is not in as good a state as the 坎 sector Mr Tharman is in. We see 天辅 + 景门 in there, and both of them are not in their ideal positions. 景门 suggests Mr Ng is exploring new horizons, and 天辅 does indicate his intentions are good. Perhaps these significators being in weak positions suggest he’s looking at the wrong place. Also, this sector has a 戊 + 庚 structure, which is traditionally not seen as a good sign, although I don’t feel it applies here.
  • Comparing these two sectors they’re in, Mr Tharman is clearly the one at the advantage, and there should be no doubt about his intentions.

Now, regardless of their intentions and capabilities, what matters more in the race is the electorate:

  • The electorate can be represented by the Year, Month, Day, and Hour Stem of the BaZi chart tagged to this Qi Men Dun Jia chart. We can sort them according to their age groups, with the Year Stem being the seniors, Month Stem being the middle-aged group, and Day and Hour Stem being the younger generation.
  • If you know basic Qi Men Dun Jia techniques, it should be immediately apparent who is the one getting more support:
    • 癸 represents our elders. It sits in the upper-left sector of 巽 Wood and ‘controls’ (克) the Earth sector Mr Ng is in while having a harmonious relationship with the 坎 Water sector Mr Tharman is in. I interpret this as the elderly people simply not giving a shit about Mr Ng, especially when the Stem combination here is also 戊癸无情之合。 Perhaps “Kok Song” doesn’t inspire much anymore when erectile dysfunction sets in. Joke aside, I don’t think the older electorate will care about someone they’ve never heard of before, let alone vote for him, especially when he only knows three Chinese words, “不可以”。Honestly, astrology aside, this is a huge disadvantage.
    • Now, we’re left with the Stems 庚 and 壬 to interpret. They appear in the middle-left and middle-bottom sectors of 兑 Metal and 乾 Metal. We know Metal gives birth to Water, which is the 坎 Water sector Mr Tharman is in, and because we are in an autumn season now, which is Metal-dominant, this birth process will definitely take place, signifying support for Mr Tharman from the middle-age and younger generation.

The above Qi Men Dun Jia chart is not difficult to break down, and I would be very flabbergasted if Mr Tharman does not win this. Even if I were to use BaZi alone, Mr Tharman has a vastly superior chart, but I’m not going to talk about it in case I get hauled off to some tiny cell to have coffee.

There are some interesting things that I can point out but aren’t critical to the outcome of what will happen:

  • Our dear President Halimah was born in 1954 (甲午). 己 Earth would represent her in the Qi Men Dun Jia chart, and you can find it in the top-middle sector of 离 Fire, and 己 sits on 壬。 We know both 天冲 and 壬 represent movement, so I see this as a sign of her vacating her role. Because 坎 Water clashes 离 Fire, we could see it as Mr Tharman displacing her.
  • The case study this time is interesting because 值符 does not appear with 空亡 like the time I did my forecast of the 2020 President elections. This begs the question: Shouldn’t there be a sign of Mr Tharman winning the presidential position in the chart? Of course, there is.

In honour of my thigh-numbing half-cut shit, I shall enlighten.

Sign Of Mr Tharman Becoming President

值符 not appearing with 空亡 is probably due to our dear President Halimah being born during a 甲 Wood year, and 甲 Wood is basically 值符。 We’re in autumn now, so 值符 is also technically at its weakest. These two factors suggest 值符 shouldn’t be seen as the presidency.

Now, we know when it comes to someone’s work or career, we look at 开门 and 杜门。 This is very basic Qi Men Dun Jia theory. Stare at the Qi Men Dun Jia chart again:

Notice something? President Halimah sits with 杜门; Mr Tharman sits with 开门。 It’s not just the sector Mr Tharman is in that will clash with the sector President Halimah is in – the Gates (门) clash, too. 开门 is Metal, and 杜门 is Wood, and Metal always represents the idea of something new and doing away with the old. The sector Mr Tharman is in perfectly opposes the sector President Halimah is in and ‘displaces’ her while also absorbing her original position because of 丁壬合 since that’s the Stem the significator representing President Halimah sits on.

Now, and this is probably one thing on everyone’s mind. What about the 空亡 in the 坎 Water sector? If you read my forecast on the Presidential elections, you’ll know 空亡 is meant to be filled.

开门 appears with 空亡, meaning there is a position waiting to be filled. Because 开门 is in such a strong state because it’s autumn and the fact that it’s tagged to 天柱,开门 can be used to represent the position of President in-lieu-of 值符 because 开门 is in such an auspicious position. Of course, there are scenarios where 空亡 won’t be filled, but in this particular Qi Men Dun Jia chart, 空亡 will definitely be filled.

The chart indicates that Mr Tharman will fill the position of President and, hopefully, fill our hearts and minds too. SHANMUGARATNAM~!

I generated and interpreted the above chart while taking shit. As insincere as it sounds, taking a shit is when I’m most focused because there’s literally nothing else to do but focus on a good squeeze. I hope the focus led to a correct interpretation of the chart and it is deemed a fated event.

I like Mr Ng, but I really don’t think he can outshine Mr Tharman for reasons that should be obvious. The happy penis cannot stand – emphasis on stand – up to the powers of the shining divine head.

My professional opinion, and I’m sure everyone would agree, is that Mr Tharman will win this. We didn’t need Qi Men Dun Jia to know this, but who gives a shit, because it’s interesting to see how the charts paint the picture, and I really wanted to see if generating a chart while taking a shit would change anything.

Let’s hope it was a fated dump of divinity.

I might always still be wrong, but let’s hope not! Also, let’s all wish President Halimah a happy retirement after stepping down. She’s cute! I like her!

Seriously… Who is the third candidate?

– Sean

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