Q3 2023 Updates, Announcements, And My Instagram Account

September 4, 2022

Hello everyone,

This post is just to get some matters out of the way. Nothing important, no philosophical stuff, and no case studies, so you’re welcome to close the browser tab if you have something better to do, especially when I know everyone’s looking forward to contributing to the economy on a Monday.

If you’re familiar with my style of writing, sarcasm was intended.

Before you cuss at me in your mind and close the browser, just do one thing for me if you ever so enjoy what I share.

Follow My Instagram Account

As you may or may not know, I have a work Instagram account, and I’m more active there now. If you’ve not followed my Instagram page yet, I’d warmly welcome you to do so here: Master Sean Chan’s Instagram Page.

It’ll still be a lot of text, but in bite-sized pieces, so it will be a very unattractive account. If you want an attractive Instagram account, there’s always Blackpink or BTS.

In case I need to state the obvious, do not expect me to be posting selfies or inspirational quotes there. I’m also not trying to be inspirational on my page. After all that I’ve been through in my life, I just want my friends and loved ones to be healthy and happy, that I do not have to report to another toxic manager in the corporate world, and that I get to have a satisfying dump every morning. A simple life. I really don’t go around thinking how I can be an inspiration because that’s usually just one’s ego speaking. There are plenty of delusional people in multi-level marketing companies who are all ready to inspire and enlighten you with their vitamins anyway.

On a serious note, for those who pay the occasional compliment that you draw inspiration from my story what I share, thank you. I’m humbled. Really. I hope I will continue to be worthy of that honour.

But, again, I really don’t think of such things day to day. I just want to do my job well, deserve the fees I earn, eat whatever the hell I want, and take a good dump every morning.

Giving Myself A Bit More Credit

There are a few reasons why I decided to be more active there.

I’ve decided to give myself a bit more credit for my work. For the past eight years, the only time I showcase my work and stories I’ve come across is through my blog, and readers will get a glimpse of what’s going on once every few weeks or even months.

There are plenty more stories to go around. It’s just that I can’t churn out a blog post for every single one, and I don’t want my blog to end up being filled with shallow content that only showcases stories.

I decided I didn’t want to be in my cave for the rest of my life and underselling myself, especially when most practitioners are parading themselves like no tomorrow – even the scummy, unethical ones. I figured I’d start sharing a bit more, and I suppose Instagram would be the best place to start. Just see it as my way of applying the principle of balance to my work.

I struggle with showcasing myself because I don’t want my job to become something else, but if I continue to stay in my cave, people will never stop insulting the Chinese sages and their own ancestors.

I’ll be sharing a lot more stories, thoughts, case studies, and sometimes irreverent rambles on my Instagram in bite-sized pieces. I will still blog whenever I get some inspiration or find the energy to do so. My priority will always be on giving consultations and writing reports.

If there are no updates on my blog or Instagram, don’t worry. I’ll definitely still be alive – because I already know when and possibly how I’m going to pass on.

And no, you are not allowed to ask me that during the consultation.

Things Will Start Getting Real Busy For Me

September will be a busy month for me. Webinars are launching, and there’s also a sizeable queue of people waiting for their consultations to be done. Before you know it, the 2023 and the Chinese New Year arrive and there’ll be another spike and I to deal with while not trying to foam at my mouth hearing all the zodiac forecasts going on.

I reckon I will not be able to churn out meaningful blog posts for people to enjoy as much as I want to, so I’ll have to rely on Instagram to engage everyone during my peak periods.

I do have a few things I really wish to write about on spirituality, religion, and also a message to my younger readers, but I’m just waiting for the opportune time to start on them. I will probably start with the post for my younger readers as I’ve noticed the demographics of my clients are becoming younger.

Online Webinars Are About To Start

First and foremost, online webinars are about to start, and I’m starting with BaZi first. The sign-up page is here: https://courses.masterseanchan.com/p/bazi-beginner-online-webinar-september-22-intake.

I will likely conduct all future lessons online since this is the new way of doing things. If you wish to receive updates on future webinars and courses, I would suggest you create an account for the online school, which is free: Sean Chan’s School Of Chinese Metaphysics

Teaching classes will not be my main focus as a practitioner, as I’ve said many times. For some of my impassioned views on this matter, you’re welcome to read this:

There is very little societal value in teaching classes, and I don’t wish to risk churning out a sub-par practitioner wannabe who does more harm than good. I’ve it before and I’ll say it again – it’s really just a cash grab from my perspective. I respect everyone enough to know if I were to say things like “I wish to empower people by teaching them Chinese metaphysics”, I would be lying.

We know that’s not happening. Some people can’t even be empowered to make their beds or do their laundry, so let’s not talk about empowering yourself with astrology.

Please remember, taking lessons from me is not going to turn anyone into a practitioner. It’s really more to satisfy a curiosity and enrichment.

There’s that.

For my clients waiting for their reports and Q&As: I’ll be working on them. A gentle reminder that I don’t touch work at all during weekends because I really need to recharge, so if the Q&As come in on a Thursday/Friday, you’ll likely only hear from me on Monday/Tuesday.

For the students who signed up for the webinar: I look forward to seeing everyone in the online class. It’s my first time doing something like this, so do pardon me if anything’s not up to expectations. You can sit in for a future intake as a refresher.

For my readers and prospective clients: I say this all the time as a reminder. There is no rush to get a reading from me. Take your time to go through the blog posts here, especially those tagged under “Must Reads“. It’s meant to prepare you for the consultation so that you get the most from it. I’m going to be around for a very long time.

Take care everyone and happy Mid-Autumn!

– Sean

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