Whenever I get to this topic it always reminds me of the saying by Confucius in《周易·系辞上》which goes 『子曰:‘书不尽言,言不尽意,然则圣人之意,其不可见乎?』It basically means “lost in translation”, or communication rather. The field of Chinese metaphysics has been translated into English to appeal to the masses, which is great, but the fact that things get lost in translation, and in addition, with misconceptions and falsehoods being perpetuated, Chinese metaphysics has lost the spirit which it was developed on. You will notice that I put an inverted comma when I use the word “luck”. Luck, according to the dictionary means “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions”. We often translate the word 运 into “luck”, and people love asking me how ‘lucky’ they are when they do a consultation with me. I think it’s about time I addressed this issue in my blog. These are my personal views which is influenced by Buddhism and its teachings and what I’m about to express is not exactly written in any Chinese classic explicitly, though I hope the classics still imply what I’m about to convey. I feel that translating the word 运 into the word ‘luck’ leads to the distortion of understanding what 运 really means in the eye of metaphysics.

As mentioned, a lot of my clients tend to think that their success or failure is brought about by chance and that their BaZi (八字) determines how wealthy or successful they will be, but if you really think about it and break down this notion of thought by its first principles,  you’ll know that this is simply not true. Yes, people’s success may often seem like it came from sheer chance, but underlying those opportunities that presented itself to the successful individual is also hard work, character, and resilience amongst many other virtues. I agree some people aren’t so fortunate to be born into a good environment or family, but let’s not compare someone who came from a good environment as opposed to a bad one, and think about why two people from a similar environment can end up with starkly contrasting outcomes in their lives. Can it be seen from their 八字 charts? Of course, it can. Truth be told, I can’t help but get a bit annoyed when people ask me do they need to work hard to become wealthy and successful – everybody needs to work hard to become wealthy and successful. It’s not surprising to me that people who usually ask such questions do not have 八字 chart that’s meant to be successful to begin with. I can’t emphasize enough that your 八字 chart is a description of how your life unfolds, and how it unfolds is largely due to one’s own character and disposition that triggers off a series of cause-and-effects that ultimately leads to one’s success or downfall. In other words, it also describes your growth as a person. The clients I’ve had with really good 八字 never fail to give off a good vibe – they are positive, down to earth and believe in hard work. You can tell just from the kind of questions they ask. They look for ways to improve instead of asking for short cuts. Things don’t happen arbitrarily. 运 is not the Chinese equivalent of the word ‘luck’. If I were to pen down the definition of 运 myself, it would describe the process of one’s growth and the individual’s acquisition of knowledge and experience and how this person puts it to use in the end. ‘Luck’ just isn’t an apt word at all and I highly discourage people from associate this world with Chinese metaphysics.

It’s a pity that the field of metaphysics undermines people’s hard work and good character, and what’s associated with success is this mysterious force that everyone is trying to tap on using metaphysics. Hardly anyone looks within themselves these days or asks themselves why one deserves wealth, success or a good partner. Most people act and behave as if the world owns them this only to be taught that this is not the case in a very harsh manner. If ‘luck’ or one’s 运 is really about forces you cannot control, well, then what’s the point of getting a reading? Just resign to fate then. There is a reason why our ancestors said personal cultivation is able to one transcend his or her chart. Sadly, most people turn to false remedies like items or charms. Life’s not that simple so please don’t be naive everyone. If this worked, I would have struck the lottery by now and my life would be perfect.

There’s a saying that “luck is when preparation meets opportunity”, so if you aren’t prepared with the right knowledge and experience, it’s probably going to be a lot harder to achieve what you desire. In some of my consultations, I’m able to identify certain years which were more challenging for individuals, and when clients think back, it’s not that those things happened to them arbitrarily. I’ve had a lot of clients who experienced wealth loss and it could be seen from the chart, and the reason for their wealth loss is due to gambling and dabbling in things they are not prepared for, such as setting up a business without really preparing for it or trading the stock market hoping to get rich. Could you say that the wealth loss they experienced happened arbitrarily and for no reason? Has it to do with luck? No. It became very evident to them that their setback was due to greed, laziness, and naïveté – it has absolutely nothing to do with randomness and chance. The reason why I’m writing this entry is to try, yet again, to get people into the right mindset for a consultation and perhaps let people understand why some people have good lives, while it seems out of reach to others. Have you wondered why some people from such challenging backgrounds can become so successful, while some from privileged backgrounds end up bringing down the whole family? It really has nothing to do with luck.

Modern-day books on metaphysics don’t talk about the spirit in which metaphysics was developed, focusing only on popular topics like forecasting and tips to enhancing one’s life, albeit in a superficial sense. Consider the notion that your 八字 chart is just another way of describing cause and effect – that would make you change the way you look at a lot of things. I happen to be one of those that has read a lot of self-help books due to my background, and because I happen to be a metaphysics and feng shui consultant, I try my best to synthesize what I know and draw from my own experiences in an attempt to help people understand how to best approach the field of metaphysics. I can enhance the absolute heavens out of someone’s house and build everything from ground up, but if that person refuses to do something about it or take action, nothing’s going to change. You cannot change your chart, but you can transcend it.

A lot of people like to ask how do I increase a certain element in their charts, but they fail to understand your BaZi chart is basically a depiction of planetary arrangements at the time you were born and a form of timekeeping, so there’s really nothing to ‘increase’ because the snapshot of the time you were born can’t change. The 5 elements is a description of how energy develops, move and then subsides like how life thrives in the season of spring and comes to a halt during winter – this is also the reason why the change in seasons play a huge role in 八字 analysis. It’s not really about the actual fire, wood, metal, earth or water you see in day to day life. You don’t have to hug a tree or eat soil if your chart happens to lack Wood and Earth. The right question to ask is “what am I not seeing or understanding about myself”? Use your 八字 chart to begin the process of introspection and learn more about yourself. You may not like what you hear or read, but have the courage to slowly change things, because staying in denial tends to make things a lot worse. My clients would usually ask me how a chart can be transcended – it’s a topic I’ve touched on in previous posts before, so do browse to my older posts to give it a read. You might be asking if feng shui helps – of course it does, but to be able to acquire an auspicious residence also takes a lot of work. I’ve been getting requests to write more about the topic of feng shui, so do keep close track of my blog and I’ll definitely update it with articles on it to share my experiences and views. I hope this entry has given you a new perspective on things, and if you found it insightful, please do share it with your friends. If you’re considering a consultation but you’re new to this, don’t be shy to reach out if you have any questions! Meanwhile, take care and I hope everyone has had a great start to 2017 so far!


P.S. Remember I’m not a counsellor people! I cannot give professional career, medical or marriage advice. All I can give is my personal opinion from a third person’s perspective which can hopefully point you in the right direction and get you to think about things differently. No metaphysics practitioner or feng shui master out there should ever promise you results, certainly not within three months, because it simply does not work this way.


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