Stay Woke. Think Critically. Don’t Be The Family Goon This Chinese New Year.

January 22, 2020

I think everyone can tell from the title of this post that this is going to be one of those emotionally charged posts. Or maybe not. Whatever it is, read this in a cheeky tone but also bear in mind that the underlying message is a serious one.

Special thanks for for keeping me as their Key Opinion Leader all these years and helping me spread the right message. You can see my latest blog post for them here:

And yes, you can bet that I’m going to talk about how stupid annual zodiac forecasts are in this post.

I don’t know if some of you would agree with me, but the irony about Chinese New Year is that the worst of the Chinese civilization tends to show. Don’t you feel that way sometimes too? Superstition. Gambling. That unquenchable desire for wealth because has anyone noticed 9 out of 10 Chinese New Year songs are about getting rich? There is a song that literally goes 招财进宝 (ushering in wealth and prosperity) non-stop and suddenly proclaims that 财神爷 (God of Wealth) is holding a gargantuan golden ingot and everyone will get an epic harvest (or windfall?). The most amazing thing is that this song is on a loop.

This said song is rich in its richness for the lack of a better way to put it. If you think I’m trying to be funny, well, this is what I’m referring to:

No disrespect to the singers in the video. They have a great voice and I’m someone who can’t sing to save my life. But that’s not the point.

I don’t actually blame anyone if they say they prefer Christmas over Chinese New Year just because of the songs. I cannot imagine what Christmas songs would sound like if it keeps harping about getting rich, and do I understand why does getting rich seem to be the focus of every Chinese New Year.

Of course, let’s also not forget the annoying relatives who want to be nosey about other people’s lives but I have to be honest I don’t know how this feels like because I’ve never spent Chinese New Year with my relatives before.

My intent for this post is not to spoil the mood of Chinese New Year. It’s the most important Chinese festival after all when we spend it in the presence of loved ones and welcome a new year.

On a side and serious note: If you find yourself not having anyone to spend Chinese New Year with because you had a similar past like mine, please reach out to me and let’s see if we can go have coffee!

Anyway, whatever I share on this post isn’t new. I repeat it every year! And gosh… I’m really starting to worry about me turning into some naggy old man.

I’ve said this countless times, but please stop taking zodiac forecasts seriously

I’ve blogged about this topic many, many times. I’m not going to repeat myself because writing a crazy long post isn’t easy and I know everyone doesn’t finish reading them, so please visit my old posts here:

Why do ‘practitioners’ do zodiac forecasts then? Publicity. Business. Looking legitimate. Money.

It’s really not that difficult to figure out why something as silly as zodiac forecasts exist. I am definitely motivated by the same things mentioned above and will never pretend I’m not, just that my approach, as you can tell by now, is different.

I don’t care how many ‘Likes’ the other practitioner has on his Facebook

They are bought. Use social marketing tools to find verify it yourself and stop being so gullible. If you think “Likes” equals legitimacy, then may I introduce something we call “critical thinking” to you.

If doing annual zodiac forecasts is bad enough, buying fake social media followings is worse. It says enough and about the practitioner’s ethics. This person is the same guy selling the same BaZi report to everyone.

I’ll leave it at that.

I don’t care how beautiful or magical that feng shui item is and I don’t care who said it

This is another topic that always gets me worked up. Just as a recap of what I’ve already said countless times:

The people who believe in feng shui items are usually the ones with the really bad BaZi charts and there is a reason for this. I won’t explicitly mention what these reasons are because it should be obvious why. People fail to realize even how they think will have a significant impact on their lives. One’s mind must be in a really bad place to believe in such poppycock.

Don’t be that goon who borrows money just to purchase these useless remedies. Use it to buy books and use them to learn something new. Even if you are rich, there’s no need to spend a few thousand dollars on a jadeite ring or crystal statue that completely spoils the look of your house. You probably already have what it takes to be successful.

Just think about all the successful people around you who got to where they are without all this rubbish.

Just because your zodiac offends or clashes that Grand Duke (太岁) doesn’t mean you’re in for a bad year

Clashing with the Grand Duke, or 冲太岁,can be a good thing. Clashing in BaZi sometimes means something gets removed, and if it is your unfavourable element or ‘god’, it can be a good thing.

The same goes for 害,破 and even 刑。Yes, I know these words have a negative connotation to it, but at the end of the day, these technical terms are just describing how the 5 elements interact within the Branches. If your destructive element is the one getting harmed, it’s really not a bad thing.

No doubt, the manifestations of 冲,害,破 and 刑 will have manifestations that will be unpleasant and exhausting, but at the end of it can be a positive outcome.

Let’s take for example 刑 which we know as the ‘Punishment’ interaction of the Branches, but to most hobbyists who don’t bother going into the Chinese classics, there is a saying in BaZi 君子不刑不发。Certain charts needs 刑 to bring out what’s good in it.

Lastly, I think we’ve lived long enough to know that the so-called “zodiac friends” of the Rat are the Dragon and Monkey. There is even a secret friend which is the Ox. These are basically the 三合 and 六合 relationships between the Branches and Branches are the technical names for the zodiacs.

合 sounds like harmony so we assume it’s good, but it does not represent harmony per se. The more apt way to describe 合 is to “combine with”.

Please remember by virtue of Yin Yang theory where everything has an opposite, 合 can represent a burden, unwanted attachments and being stolen from. Do you want to be “combined with” or bounded by negative things? I’m sure you don’t. Do not assume that you will have a good year just because you fall into the “Friend” category of that year’s zodiac.

No, your parents and relatives don’t know zodiacs and Chinese metaphysics more than you do

Just because they are older and lived longer doesn’t mean they know more about Chinese history and culture than you, especially when it comes to Chinese astrology.

If your parents or relatives start freaking out about the Grand Duke or 太岁 for you, rolls your eyes a little, let out a polite sigh and just tell them you’ll head to the temple as soon as you can.

The alternative is to show them what it means to be a woke millennial, and before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m just being cheeky here guys – don’t be rude to your parents and elders.

Chinese astrology and metaphysics is impartial

I mentioned in a recent blog post that we like just look at things on the surface, especially when it comes to other people’s lives and they are seemingly doing better or earning more. You can read it here:

I wish to remind everybody that when it comes to the laws of the universe, it is impartial. It doesn’t matter how much you earn and what title you hold. Even the most powerful family in a country can have family feuds and no amount of money or power can you buy you the happiness that comes from a harmonious family or good health. Not even royalty is spared. There is no need to list examples here, but you can just look at the families of politicians from any country and you’ll get an idea of what I’m getting at. You will be surprised that at how bad a top politician’s chart can get.

The reality that Chinese metaphysics functions does not just include wealth and title per se. Please always remember the story about how emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang (朱元璋) tried to hunt down someone with his same BaZi chart, and eventually found a bee farmer who had nine bee farms. If you had nine chicken-rice stores, hell, you’re an emperor in your own right.

My wish this Chinese New Year is for everyone to not give two hoots about how well your relatives or friends are doing. Just focus on yourself because that’s all that matters. Try not to complain about your life either. The politician you detest so much isn’t having an easier time than you are just because he or she is earning more.

Don’t screw up your life or spoil your year because of some random middle-aged/old man in a Chinese costume

Fine. Some of them wear suits and can be even more annoying. And for some reason, it’s always a man doing forecasts.

Don’t jump into starting your own business because your zodiac forecast told you your business ‘luck’ will be good this year. You’re more unprepared than you think. Read this:

No, the majority of us are likely not going to become rich, especially if you have spent the last 5 years believing in zodiac forecasts rather than believing in yourself and hard work. Read this:

Don’t assume you will find the love life of your life this year because your zodiac forecast said you’re going to have peaches and blossoms. We wouldn’t have an aging population and declining birth rate if annual zodiac forecasts were legit. If you need convincing, read this post:

Don’t worry about falling majorly ill because some signboard said you will. You will fall ill from worrying first.

It’s not that Chinese metaphysics and astrology cannot do forecasts – they can and they are supposed to. But there is a proper way to do things and just looking at the zodiac sign alone is not the way.

Please be cognizant that some people do make decisions that eventually lead to serious negative consequences because they chose to believe in the annual charade of zodiac forecasts. You might not have come across such cases, but I’ve seen countless ones.

Anyway, I’m well aware that there will always more people who choose to believe in such nonsense than those who don’t. I will probably live to the end of my life and the majority of the world’s population will still believe in zodiac forecasts.

Not that it bothers me, but I still gotta say what I have to say, right? This blog and whatever I write is meant for those who have a real affinity with Chinese metaphysics anyway. I don’t care what that grandmaster said about your zodiac, but one thing is certain: Some of us are going to have a really good 2020, and some of us are going to have an absolute crap 2020. But that’s just life isn’t it? I

t’s really not about your bloody zodiac. Oh, before I forget: Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Don’t be that family goon this year! Stop taking zodiac forecasts seriously damn it!

– Sean

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