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BaZi & Zi Wei Dou Shu Sample Report

What your BaZi report from any practitioner should have

The Purpose Of This Page

UnderstandIng The Report

If you landed on this page from Google, what I can tell you immediately is that no legitimate BaZi consultant will do readings for free. We will have other clients we’re serving who respect our time and understand we are doing this for a living, and secondly, someone who gets something for free usually doesn’t cherish it.

This sample report is not a representation of what my consultations look or feel like. My consultations are always a conversation which is why the Q&A segment exists for clients to clarify their doubts and queries.

My reports won’t come nicely ‘decorated’ with embellishments. I focus purely on the analysis of your chart because that’s what matters.

The purpose of this page is to let you appreciate and understand what a BaZi report should have and how you can get the most out of it. I’ll guide you through my train of thought and how I write my reports so you’d know what you’re getting into. Whether you get a consultation done by me or another BaZi consultants or feng shui masters, here are a few things that you should expect from any report.

Your report will consists of three main parts: 1) A breakdown of your natal chart 2) Description of your Elemental Phases 3) Addressing your specific questions

Natal Chart (本命)

I will analyze your natal chart because this represents who you are, your starting point and what you are naturally imbued with.

Elemental Phases (运势)

There are two types of phases: The 10-Year (大运) Phase and Annual Phase (流年运). These describe how your life unfolds from the foundation of your natal chart. It represents your growth, external influences and environment.

Addressing Your Questions

Addressing your questions and what you wish to look out for would be impossible if we did not get the first two steps right, so this will come at the last portion of your report.

How I Conduct My Consultations

I Have My Own Style Of Doing Things

Remember It’s A Conversation

Please remember you’re not paying for a report. You’re paying for my time. This is a “consultation” so come have a conversation with me. 

As a layman, you’d probably not understand a lot of things, which is why there is a Q&A for you where I can explain things to you. 

Combining Different Methods

I do not focus solely on BaZi during my consultations. I combine all three methods I know – BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu, and Qi Men Dun Jia. You do not have to pay separately for them.

Each method has its pros and cons. This is to give you a better consultation and more insight. 

First: Understand Your Natal Chart First

Looking at your natal chart is always the first step.

We are all born different, with different families, talents, flaws. Your natal chart tells me what’s your starting point. Without it, there’s no point looking at what your so-called “luck” is like.

Second: Elemental Phases

Your Elemental Phases are are critical part of the chart. We always look at the 10-Year phases first before looking at the Annual Phases.

Depending on whether your Elemental Phases are on your side or against you, I will be able to tell how your life progresses and whether your environment is against you or on your side.

Third: Your Questions

This is where you get your questions answered. The quality of your questions are important, so think through them well.

The kind of question you ask also says a lot about you. Please remember that. If you are asking “Do I need to work hard to be rich?”, it’s safe to assume your chart won’t be very good.

Finally: Q&A Segment

The Q&A segment is for you to clarify anything you don’t understand and go deeper into the questions asked.

This is a very important part of the consultation which you should take seriously.

Any Other Business

We can chit chat about other stuff once everything is over. I do end up with friends with some of my clients although rarely. That’s going to depend on our affinity. In any case, the consultation doesn’t have to feel too formal.

There’s A lot More To What You See Here

Consultation Report Example

Below is just an example. It has not been updated since 2018 but I’ll update a new one that better reflects the quality of my current reports. I regularly change and improve how I draft the reports to make it easier for the client to understand.

Bear in mind the below report does not showcase what goes on during the Q&A and the technical explanations that come with it.

If anything should convince you to have a consultation with me, it’s my blog, not the sample report.

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If not, or it’s your first time to my website, I’d encourage you to read my blog. It is the most important part of the website. You can also view my testimonials here.


Dear Client,

Please find your chart attached. Please find your chart attached. Do take note that I adjusted your birth time for Solar Time and it is still under 辰时 due to the longitude of the country you were in, so we’ll use that as the basis for our analysis. Solar Time is basically measured by the position of the Earth around the Sun instead of just using the man-made time we see on our clocks and watches. I’ll give an overview of the structure and quality of your chart before we zoom into the details together in our follow-up emails. Let’s begin.

Take note that the 4 Pillars represents Year, Month, Day and Time. The top row are the Branches (天干) and the bottom row are the Stems/地支。Your birthday and birth time essentially determines your 8-Characters (八字) shown by the 年,月,日,时 columns. Your luck phases, which are extremely critical to one’s life, are shown by the rows below your natal chart, labeled by 大运 and 流年 in the horizontal rows.

Some parts of the report may feel a bit technical, so feel free to clarify any doubts you may have during the 7-day Q&A and we’ll be happy to assist you in understanding your chart.

Personalized Report

Daymaster Analysis (日元)

Of the 8 characters the appear in your natal chart, your Daymaster is the key to determining the quality of it. The surrounding 7 characters manifest as ‘gods’, of which there are ten, each with it’s own traits and characteristics. Your Daymaster, also known as the Self-Element (indicated by the Day Branch), is 乙/Yin Wood born during the season of autumn in the month  ‘xu’ (戌) where Earth is dominant while holding a bit of Metal and Fire.

The Branches draw its strength from the Stems, and each of the 12 Stems gives a different level of support to a particular Branch, laying out the cycle of birth, strengthening, declining and death of the elements. This is known as the 12 Stages (十二長生) which is broken down by: 长生 (strengthening)、沐浴、冠带、临官、帝旺 (strongest)、衰 (decline)、病、死、墓、绝 (weakest)、胎 (birth) 、养。

As the month you were born in, ‘xu’ (戌), is the ‘Tomb’ (墓) position of 乙 Wood, it does not provide much support to your Daymaster and your chart category would fall towards the weaker side. Not to worry as a weak Daymaster chart does not mean it’s a bad chart – the analysis consists of many steps. Typically, there are a few steps to take when analyzing a Bazi chart, all of which must be taken into account to give a holistic assessment of your chart’s quality and how things will unfold in your life:

1) Ensuring that the Daymaster is balanced and that is it neither too weak nor too strong (中和为贵). Note that you cannot artificially change the strength of you Daymaster – your chart is a description of how your life to unfold, and the purpose is to transcend your chart and not believe in falsehoods like charms or items.

2) Making sure favourable elements that uphold the chart structure (格局) does not break apart and that unfavourable element have remedies during the different luck phases (运).

3) Ensuring the environmental factors are ideal, meaning a chart cannot be too ‘hot’/’cold’ or ‘dry’/’wet’ which we call 调侯法 in Chinese. This will be closely tied to your season of birth and the element of your Daymaster.

4) Make a mental note that your luck phases/运 forms your chart as well, and it’s extremely important to be able to find elements or remedies to your natal chart from your luck phases/运。

All four criteria above need to be considered concurrently when analyzing your chart.

Before I begin, you need to remember that having this consultation should be seen as part of your life’s plan, and in no way should you let this consultation affect you. If you hear positive things, tap on it so that you can reap greater rewards, and if you hear negative things, use it as additional information or a map to guide yourself and make better decisions. Under no circumstances should you let this consultation end up a self-fulfilling prophecy, in particular for the negative things you hear. Our ancestors developed this so we can understands ourselves better so that we can transcend our charts and not to be bound by them – they wouldn’t have spent centuries developing this only to tell us we can’t change anything.

Let me touch on a few things traits about your chart and what makes it unique before we zoom into the details you want me to look at:

Chart Structure Overview (格局)

The first thing to do for any Bazi chart analysis is to determine the structure of the chart. Only with the structure is identified can we determine the beneficial, as well as the destructive elements for your chart which will in turn determine how events unfold in your life.

Your Yin-Wood Daymaster definitely lies towards the weak side because there’s hardly any supportive elements in your chart. Most people would mistake that the presence of Water automatically strengthens Wood, but they fail to take into consideration the difference between Yang Wood (甲) and Yin Wood (乙). Yin Wood is represented by small plants like shrubs that require very little Water and in fact may be drowned if there’s too much Water, which is why Water Stems like 亥 and 子 end up being 乙 Wood’s ‘Sickness’ (病) and ‘Weakening’衰 position – Stems that don’t offer a lot of support.

The ‘gods’ Direct Officer (正官), Direct Resource (正印)  and Indirect Resource (偏印) which forms as auspicious chart structure which strengthens your Daymaster. Direct Officer is represented by Metal, which gives birth to Direct and Indirect Resource represented by Water which will in turn strengthen your Yin Wood Daymaster, although we must note that this presence of Water must not overwhelm it.


Clash & Combination Analysis (冲、合、刑、害)

It is a common misconception that all clashes are negative and all combinations are positive. The effect of clashes and combinations would depend on your overall chart structure, which of the 10 ‘gods’ appear and their interaction with each other.

The only combination that appears in your chart is between your Day Pillar and Hour Pillar. Your Yin Wood Daymaster (乙) combines with Yang Metal (庚) to give an output of Metal; your Day Stem 酉 combines with your Hour Stem 辰 also to give an output of Metal.

The combination strengthens Metal overall, and does not disrupt your chart structure fortunately due to the presence of Direct and Indirect Resource. Because your Daymaster is combining with a positive ‘god’ like Direct Officer, this will be a very beneficial combination if your Daymaster is strengthened by your luck phases.


Beneficial Elements (喜神)

Your beneficial elements would be Wood and Fire because:

  1. Wood directly strengthens your Daymaster, preventing it from being overwhelmed by the presence of Water in your chart.
  2. Fire ‘warms up’ your chart. As your were born a month before winter starts, it is important for the chart to have some warmth in order for life to thrive.
  3. Fire also strengthens the presence of Earth in your chart and controls the strength of Water, giving your Yin Wood Daymaster an opportunity to grow and thrive.

A strong Daymaster is important because it is required for some of the positive ‘gods’ to manifest their positive sides, which in your case would be Direct Officer which represents your title, status and leadership abilities. A strong Daymaster is also required to acquire wealth with ease.

Do remember that we can not artificially change our charts. Our charts are a reflection of our inner world, capabilities and how we interact with the world around us. The key is to transcend your chart through self awareness. The ancient Chinese would not spend centuries developing BaZi just to tell us that we aren’t able to do anything about it.

Luck Phase Analysis (運勢)

When analyzing a Bazi chart, it is paramount to look at the luck phases when assessing the overall quality of the chart. There’s a Chinese saying 命好不如运好, meaning more important to have positive luck phases than to have a good natal chart. One’s luck phases are extremely important and can even be said to have more weight when it comes to analyzing the quality of a chart. A good chart structure is wasted without positive luck phases whereas a negative chart structure can be remedied with them, giving the chart-holder a huge chance at success.

There are two kinds of luck phases, one of which governs your ‘luck’ for 10 years (大运) whereas the other one is governs your luck on an annual basis (流年运). Your 10-year luck phase is the long term and macro view of your life, whereas your annual luck acts as the enhancer or mitigator. In other words, your 10-year luck phase holds more weight, so having a favourable year alone is not a true remedy for your chart – you must have a favourable 10-year cycle.

Depending on the interactions between your your 10-year luck phase, annual luck phase and natal chart, we can deduce how your life will unfold and identify favourable/challenging periods of your life and use this information to make better, timely decisions.

Current 10-Year Luck Phase (大運)

Your current 10-year luck phase is 己未 which you entered into in 2008, which consists of Yang Earth sitting on the Stem ‘Wei’ (未). It is a very strong Earth phase because ‘Wei’ gives Yang Earth a lot of support. ‘Wei’ is also the position where Yin Wood starts to strengthen, which marks phase where your good luck starts coming because your Daymaster needs to be strengthened.

The direction which your 10-year luck phases progresses is very favourable for you, because with each new phase you enter, your Yin Wood Daymaster strengthens even more. What makes this phase even more favourable is the fact that you will encounter Earth, which represents your wealth. The combination of a strengthened Daymaster and the presence of wealth marks a period where wealth can be accumulated, and as your Daymaster strengthens, attaining wealth will be less taxing on you.

Annual Luck Phase & Next Year Forecast (流年)

We are currently in the year of the Fire rooster (丁酉) which is considered a positive year for you due to the presence of Yin Fire this year. As mentioned above, Fire is welcomed in your chart because it requires a bit of warming up.

Yin Fire is also able to combine with the Yang Water that appears in your Month Branch, remedying the flaw of having too much Water in your chart, and if the conditions are right, this combination may also give an output of Wood which your chart needs. This combination is only valid during months when there is a presence of Wood.

2018 is the year of the Earth Dog and it is a very strong Earth year. 2018 marks a very special year because it is also the year which your 10-year luck phase transits into the next one marked by the Earth Horse (戊午). 2018 holds a lot of your wealth element, and because of the transition into your next 10-year luck phase, you can expect 2018 to be a turning point where opportunities for more wealth will appear. Do remember that with each new 10-year luck phase you move into, the stronger your Yin Wood becomes, which makes wealth accumulation much easier.

Analysis On Different Aspects Of Life (人事)



The structure of your chart is positive, and given that your 10-year luck phase is going in the direction which continues to strengthen your Yin Wood Daymaster, progress can definitely be expected. Please find the breakdown of the different aspects of your life in following sections below.

Career & Wealth

Do note that in the eyes of metaphysics, career and wealth, though seemingly intertwined and referring to the same thing, are referring to different things. Career, which is mostly represented by the Officer ‘god’, refers to your authority, status and leadership ability. One may be able to attain that, but remain as a middle-income earner, whereas some people may have a lot of wealth, but stay low profile, with no status or title. The luck ones will have both.

The positive about your chart is that you have a very strong Direct Officer which is represented by Yang Metal. Status and recognition will come to you in your field when you reach your favourable luck phase, which you’re already in.

Wealth is represented by Earth. The great thing about your chart is that you are entering a phase where not only is your Daymaster strengthening, but there is a strong presence of your Earth wealth element as well. There will definitely be opportunities for increased increase as you progress into your next 10-year luck phase in 2018.


The element representing wealth (正財) also represents the spouse for a male chart. Hence, Yang Earth (戊土) represents your wife. There are a few ways of analyzing one’s love luck using Bazi:

  • Assessing the element represent one’s spouse and the role it plays in the chart
  • Looking at the Day Stem where the position represents one’s marriage

For compatibility analysis, the analysis of your partner’s chart is required.

As your Daymaster is strengthening, and there is a presence of Earth in your current and upcoming 10-year luck phase, I don’t see any particularly concerning issues in future. A strong Earth element suggests a capable and healthy partner, and because the element representing your wife helps to resolve some of the issues in your chart, it a very positive relationship where she can value add to your life.

Your Day Stem sits a ‘you’ (酉) Stem, which holds your Indirect Officer ‘god’, also known as 7-Killings, suggesting a more masculine partner. The quality of your love life is very much supported by your favourable luck phase, so there’s a lot to be happy about.



The process of analyzing for one’s health will revolve around the chart structure, favourable elements and destructive elements. Each element represents a certain organ, and depending on the strength, weakness and balance of these elements, and whether they are being assaulted, we will be able to determine which organs are weaker. Do note that the luck phases play a huge role in determining your health as well. 

Your Day Stem sits a ‘you’ (酉) Stem, which holds your Indirect Officer ‘god’, also known as 7-Killings, suggesting a more masculine partner. The quality of your love life is very much supported by your favourable luck phase, so there’s a lot to be happy about.

Important: Please bear in mind that this analysis does not serve as medical advice, but an indication of which organ might be weaker. Ailments and issues may manifest elsewhere as a result of a weaker organ. Please consult a licensed professional or Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner to have the analysis verified.

Wood and Fire are your beneficial elements, but they also happen to be the weaker elements you were born with. Yin Wood represents your liver, whereas Fire, which you lack in general represents the heart, blood and eyes. These would be the weaker parts of your body which you need the pay attention to. However, as your luck phases are in your favour and supporting the Fire element, organs related to the Fire would be supported, leaving your liver as the main issue. Because of your continuous runs of good 10-year luck phases, your health ailments will only truly manifest in your later years.


Suitable Career

Choosing a career using one’s astrological chart needs to take into account the following factors:

  • Which element does your chart need the most?
  • Which is the dominant element in your chart and how does it show up in your character and personality?
  • Which of the 10 ‘gods’ does your dominant element manifest as?

Your astrological chart can only provide recommendations based on what is identified as your strength. The most important thing is still to know where your passions lies and striving to be the best at what you do.

As a bonus to this report, I will also be drawing on another Chinese astrological method popularly known as Purple Star Astrology to help you make a more informed decision.

Fire is your most beneficial element, and Fire represents industries such as Food & Beverage, Media, Marketing – basically any industry that has to do with a lot of buzz. interaction with people and relationship management. Your Purple Star astrological chart holds a star we call 貪狼, which is known to be a very sociable star known to be good at such roles.

Alternatively, you can also consider roles represented by Wood, which are related to Human Resource, Education and anything to do with people development.

The dominant element and strongest ‘god’ that appears in your chart is the Direct Officer ‘god’, and because of this, an environment with structure and rules would be ideal, making you very suitable for the corporate world. Your success can definitely be found there. Given that your luck phases is encountering Earth which represents your wealth, if you wish to take steps to further your income, do consider so as luck is on your side.


Your chart is a rather enviable one. It has an auspicious structure, with positive ‘gods’ suc(h as Direct Officer (正官) and  Direct Resource (正印) appearing and on top of that your luck phase are going in a direction which is positive for you, encountering the elements that bring out the best in your chart.

I’m confident that you will be able to achieve progress in your career and ability to accumulate wealth as the years pass. The only thing to pay extra attention to is your health, especially the organs are pointed out to be weaker. Do remember that, in the eyes of metaphysics, every aspect of life is interlinked, and good health is also a prerequisite to success in other areas areas.

Your initial overview will end here. Please take your time to digest the report and feel free to come back to me with any questions you may have. Your 7 days Q&A will begin from the day you send your first set of questions.

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