Feng Shui Audit – Analysis and Methods

There are many schools of Feng Shui. As we live in the modern age of apartments and condominiums, there’s not a lot of room to practice landscape Feng Shui in Singapore though it’s still applicable.

I have read the Chinese classics 《沈氏玄空学》,《八宅明镜》,《阳宅十书》,《黄帝宅经》,《葬书》and use them hand in hand during Feng Shui analysis. 《沈氏玄空学》and 《八宅明镜》are what is commonly known as ‘Flying Stars’ and ‘8 Mansions’ on the internet and will be two main methods used in Feng Shui audits.

I often use a less known method from a Qing Dynasty classic called 《阳宅三要》based on by an author called 赵九峰 which is very helpful for people looking for a new house to move into as it is able to quickly identify whether the layout of the house is auspicious. This method is not well-known on the web due to the deeper level of theory and understanding required and, as such, is less widely used.

Do refer to my blog that touches on the topic of Feng Shui, its advanced theory, common misconceptions and what to look out for.

Techniques Applied During Audit

– 8 Mansions (八宅)

– Flying Stars (玄空飛星)

– BaZi (八字) & ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗數)


(Genuine reviews from Facebook Plug-In. For original screenshots, please visit my testimonials page.)

    5 star review  Sean is very knowledgeable in Chinese metaphysics. His reading of both my Bazi and ZWDS charts were very helpful and insightful, and he is clear about what Chinese metaphysics can and cannot do. I would recommend Sean's services for the following reasons: (1) Sean approaches metaphysics from a philosophical and practical point of view, which makes his consultations very useful for someone hoping to get clarity and prudent advice. (2) I particularly appreciate the 7 day unlimited question and answer sessions. It gave me sufficient time to digest my chart and think about what area in my life I really wanted to focus on. (3) Combining both Bazi and ZWDS readings really does provide greater insight and understanding into the challenges and opportunities in a specific area of one's life. (4) Sean is a straight shooter, which is great because what you really want is to improve your life and become aware of your weaknesses. No point sugar coating. At the same time Sean is very patient and understanding when reading my charts. Thanks!

    thumb Layna Lim

    5 star review  I am a young working professional who just embarked on my career. I stumbled upon the Chinese Metaphysics (CM) during my current phase of life where there are lots of ups and downs and uncertainties in various aspects of my life. I was looking at Chinese Metaphysics as a way to give me some insights regarding my current phase of life, searching for guidances and answers for certain aspects in life. I searched online for CM masters and stumbled upon Master Sean’s blog. After getting my consultation done, I am more positive towards tackling the obstacles in my current phase of my life now. Previously, I am a person who tends to focus on the negative things in most matter. Master Sean has pointed out to me the root cause of my problems. Upon receiving his advice, I have changed to a person who is more positive, confident and with an increased level of energy. The outcome of the consultation made me realise that Heaven would not bestow me with a good life if I am not a capable person myself and attitude is best formed in the stormy billows of the world! Sometimes in life we have to be completely shaken up and changed in order to relocate us to a place we are meant to be. In addition, my consultation with him showed that he has a sincere love in CM from the way he handled my questions and made me comprehend CM. He also gave prompt replies and did not hesitate to answer my questions. I would definitely consult him again in the near future. My only regret is I did not consult you earlier in my life!

    thumb SiuMing Yeoh

    5 star review  Highly recommended! I was looking for a Ba Zi Master to provide me with insights to my life destiny. As many have experienced, I had my fair share of generalised and conflicted readings. I chanced upon Sean's blog and found it to be very detailed. As you would, I had my reservations for a while before deciding to contact Sean for a detailed Ba Zi and Zi Wei Dou Shu reading. Suffice to say, the rest is history!! Put it plainly, it is as good (or better) than having a face-to-face consultation. Sean's availability online is second to none, be it Whatsapp or Emails. His easy-going and sincere personality aside, Sean is extremely professional and knowledgable. He explains theories and readings in a very practical manner, which makes it easy for one to relate and understand regardless of your "skill level" in this field. Sean's advice to me has been well-received because it was accurate, clear and precise - no beating around the bush. In future, I will most definitely engaged Sean for his Ba Zi and FengShui services. I am also considering taking lessons from him! It is always a "leap of faith" kind of thinking when one considers engaging Ba Zi "shifu" but I strongly encourage everyone out there to give yourself and Sean a chance to know about the DNA prints of your destiny. You will not look back let alone regret. Cheers Sean! From a (more than) satisfied customer who is happy to be contacted as a reference in regards to Sean's services in Chinese Metaphysics.

    thumb Qi Wei

Engagement Fees

From $1088

Based On Chinese Classics

Techniques straight from the Chinese classics’ source material

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Complemented with 八字 & 紫微斗数 analysis – the true mark of a feng shui practitioner’s knowledge and skill

Holistic & Customized

Plethora of complimentary services for your benefit

Residential Feng Shui Audit

Price – Engagement fees start from SGD$1288 and tiered according to the type/size of the house.

Do contact me for a quote and further details regarding the actual audit process, post-audit follow-up and service. Each engagement will be customized according to the client’s needs and complimentary services will be included. A written report on the house will be provided.

House Hunting

Price – Engagement fees start from SGD$1888 and tiered according to the type/size of the house.

This is the most recommended approach. Feng Shui remedies are not done with ‘items’ or charms contrary to popular belief. The layout of the house and sectors of the rooms must be correct. You can engage me to ‘hunt’ for a house together with you. I will go through up to 10 floors-plan for you.

Once a suitable unit has been found, I’ll conduct an audit and analysis of the house, followed by a report for you to understand why that particular house was chosen out of all the ones you’ve visited.

Commercial Feng Shui Audit

Price – Engagement fees start from SGD$3888 and tiered according to the type/size of the office.

An in-depth analysis will be done for the top managements’ BaZi to give insights on what to expect in the coming years.

For Foreign Clients: Online Consultation
Please reach out for get a quote from me after we have discussed the scope of the work required.

Complimentary Services – Date Selection

Date selection for all significant events such as the renovation date and move-in date will all be provided.