BaZi Case Study


The owner of the chart wished to know when would be a good time to conceive a baby having suffered a miscarriage in 2014. In addition, her husband was about to get into a risky business venture and needed advice on whether or not to proceed., The top chart belongs to her husband and the chart at the bottom belongs to her.

Below is a summary of the analysis and commentary of the charts and is not representative of a professional reading or report. A full reading will be a lot more detailed with an in-depth explanation of your chart and Luck Phases (大運、流年).

Brief Commentary:

The two charts attached are of very good quality in terms of the structure and it’s quite evident that they both come from noble families with very wealthy backgrounds.

Husband’s Chart:

It’s an extremely beautiful chart. It can be classified enter a ‘Vibrant Chart Structure’ or 专旺格 for Wood (曲直格) formed by the 寅卯辰三会木局 and his 甲 Wood Day Master. Such structures are extremely rare. In ancient times people with such charts hold extremely high positions in government. Given his strong Indirect Wealth (偏财) on his Hour Pillar, it’s indicative that he is either a very successful business man, or in a position that deals with high volume transactions. As his chart does not have a mix of Direct Wealth 正财 and Indirect Wealth 偏财, he will certainly bring good fortune to his wife and be a faithful husband as well. However, a favourable Luck Phase/大运 is required for the quality and structure of the chart to be sustained.

Wife’s Chart: 

Both the Direct Officer (正官) represented by Water, and Direct Wealth (正财) represented by Metal, exist in this chart. It’s an incredibly lucky chart especially when both these ‘gods’ are very strong strong. The Wealth Star in the chart enhances the Spouse Star which symbolizes a very capable spouse. The Daymaster 丙 in this chart is also strong enough to be able to ‘acquire’ the 财 and 官 in her chart, and on top of that, the owner of this chart will soon enter into a favourable phase to strengthen her Daymaster even more.

Her question on children:

Technically speaking, we usually focus on the female’s chart when it comes to children, so more focus would be on the wife’s chart. The miscarriage which happened in 2014 due to the Indirect Resource/偏印 for that year, which is that ‘god’ that ‘robs’ the ‘child star’ 食神 in her chart (梟神夺食)。

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