Chinese Name Selection
姓名学: 平衡阴阳的取名原则​

Choosing An Auspicious Name For Your Child

Chinese Name Selection (姓名学) is a branch of metaphysics based on the theory of Yin Yang & The 5 Elements – what our ancestors believed to be the fundamental building blocks of nature and reality. By studying the theory 音 (sound)、形 (shape)、义 (values)、意 (meaning)、数 (physical manifestation) of a Chinese word/character, our ancestors believed that a good name can make up for what one lacks a BaZi (八字) chart.

The art of Chinese name selection takes into account the following:

1) 三才 – represents 天、地、人。
2) 字义 – represents the meaning of the character
3) 音灵 – the tone and pitch of the character
4) 阴阳 – the interaction between Yin and Yang which forms reality
5) 五行 – the 5 elements which describes the movement of energy
6) 数理 – mathematical and quantitative study of reality
7) 八字 – to determine the birth chart of the person

8) 姓 – the family you were born into

Before name selection can begin, a thorough analysis of one’s BaZi needs to be done, after which the techniques of name selection can be applied.

During the process of selecting a name, there are five particular structures (五格) and the elemental structure (三才) to look out for, each representing different time periods and aspects of one’s life:

1) 天格

2) 人格
3) 地格
4) 外格

5) 总格

The name given must take into account the strokes within these 5 structures (五格) and how the elemental structure (三才) interacts the BaZi chart. Selecting a name brings together different techniques in metaphysics, of which BaZi is a definite prerequisite.

Engagement Fees


八字 Proficiency Is A Must

Knowledge and experience in 八字 is paramount in name selection

Catered To The Layman

Analysis will be broken down and explained for your peace of mind

Complimentary Services

A free 八字 report with Q&A will be provided to identify your child’s strengths

Name Vetting
Price – SGD$388
You can choose to have your name vetted first. If a change is required, you can top up the difference of $300 and proceed with the name selection service.

Name Selection
Price – SGD$688 per engagement
* This is meant for both newborns and adults.
* I will provide 2 names for you and vet name 2 names you pick.
* 4 names will be assessed in total.

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