Using BaZi For Child-Planning & Health Matters: How Chinese Metaphysics Is Still Relevant

October 6, 2019

Hey everyone!

I told you I’d be blogging more often! It’s funny how even fate wants me to take a break as I caught the flu right after I resigned from the company. Thankfully, it’s not a serious case. If I’m not wrong, the flu season is coming soon, so do take care, everyone! As I’ll be blogging more often, you’ll likely see more emails pop up in your inbox but I made it such that emails only get sent once a week if there is a new entry. If it bothers you, do feel free to unsubscribe and we can keep in touch in other ways.

There’s been a topic I’ve been wanting to write for a while now but I keep getting distracted by other topics that I feel strongly about, and that would be the topic on health. Health is perhaps the number one aspect of life that most people neglect – which is no surprise. We’re caught up with the daily hustle and bustle and there’re just so many things to do and hardly anytime for ourselves. The time that we do have for ourselves extends into the wee hours and we end up sleeping late, and the vicious cycle begins and before you know it, something happens to our bodies.

A lot of my female clients end up finding me because they went through the trauma of having a miscarriage and are trying to find not just closure, but the root cause of why it happened. 9 out of 10 cases are always due to health issues and it can always be seen in the charts regardless or whether we’re using BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu.

I wanted to take the opportunity, using this post, to share how Chinese metaphysics is still relevant in this day and age when it comes to health matters and how you can make use of it. It’s been a while since I’ve written a technical post so I made it a point to make sure this post showcases the train of thought behind the analyses. If you find this post useful or if you know anyone who is trying to conceive, do share this with them. There is a very interesting Qi Men Dun Jia case study at the end of this post and I’d encourage you to read till the end.

I hope you enjoy the read and get something out of it! Let’s begin.

Please Remember Every Aspect Of Your Life Is Interconnected

I’ve mentioned this before, but this isn’t a notion which I came up with on my own. This is something that is fundamental and intrinsic in Chinese metaphysics – everything is interconnected.

It sounds cliche, but you are never truly wealthy unless you are healthy. You’ll want to use your hard-earned money on creating meaningful, happy experiences with your loved ones instead of letting it go into medical expenses. Another way to look at the importance of health is this: Without good health, you’re simply not going to have the mood or drive to build the kind of life you want, and it spills over to all areas of your life – not just in your career but also your relationships as well.

The bottom line is: Do not forget about your health. It is the anchor of a lot of things. If I were to give a technical explanation from a Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗数) perspective, one sector/house in the ZWDS chart can represent many other different things. This is a fundamental theory in Chinese metaphysics and not a matter of subjectivity. On the surface, the Health Sector/House (疾厄宫) represents health, hence the name, but please also note the following it can represent:

  •   疾厄宫=兄弟的财帛
  •   疾厄宫=夫妻的子女
  •   疾厄宫=子女的夫妻
  •   疾厄宫=财帛的兄弟
  •   疾厄宫=迁移的父母
  •   疾厄宫=交友的福德
  •   疾厄宫=事业的田宅
  •   疾厄宫=田宅的事业
  •   疾厄宫=福德的交友
  •   疾厄宫=父母的迁移

Apologies that it is in Chinese. For my foreign readers, please just ignore the above for now and focus on what I am going to say.

To put things into perspective and explain what the above means, the sector/house representing your health can also refer to things like:

  • How you spend your money and the state of your finances. By “how”, we mean what are you actually spending it on and if it’s worth spending. 疾厄宫 is sometimes used to assess your investments as well.
  • It can also represent emotional well-being but in a more indirect way, meaning what are the externalities that are affecting your mental and emotional state.
  • It can represent the bond between husband and wife, and in this case, it mostly refers to the physical bond and passion between a couple which is an important aspect. You’ll see 疾厄宫 (Health) = 夫妻 (Spouse) 的子女 (Children),and 子女宫 (Children) is also known as the 桃花宫位 (Peach Blossom sector), so it’s used to assess pleasures of the flesh between a couple.

This is the reason why I said that metaphysics theory is a proponent that everything is interconnected and that if one aspect of your life goes down, everything else gets dragged down along with it. Not all different representations will be applicable at the same time, so the key is to know at what point these different representations are applicable.

The above is just an example of a few of the things one particular sector can represent. A lot of hobbyists who try to pick up metaphysics on their own just focus on sectors representing wealth and career and it has always been taught to be the critical sectors as it has to do with your survival, but there will come a point where you realize that every sector is tied together and just an important.

Can Chinese Metaphysics Be Used To Assess Health?

The short answer is “yes”, it can. It doesn’t matter which method you use. It could be BaZi, Zi Wei Dou Shu or even Qi Men Dun Jia. All of them are useful if you know how to use it.

I usually don’t dare to speak too much about it because I’m not a licensed or qualified medical professional, so I hesitate writing about such topics as I don’t want to accidentally say the wrong things or give the wrong information. I’ve been thinking very hard about whether I should take up a degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so let’s see how that goes.

This is one of the rare occasions I’m blogging about health as I’ve managed to find some interesting case studies and the inspiration struck.

We’ve already talked about using Zi Wei Dou Shu to assess health, and we do that by looking at the 疾厄宫 (Health Sector/House) and the other sectors that are linked to it. On top of that, we need to assess one’s Elemental Phases (运) to decide when the issues will hit and it’s not always obvious.

I’m going to bring in BaZi and Qi Men Dun Jia next along with some case studies, so please stick around.

An Example Of How Health Issues Can Be Seen In The Charts

The above is a case of a male chart-holder who came to me a few years ago.

A few quick comments on the charts:

  • Using BaZi first, the chart-holder definitely has a weak Yang Water (壬水) Daymaster, so it’s one of those charts where we want the Daymaster to strengthen. You can tell that the Daymaster is under some pressure from opposing elements, especially Earth.
  • What’s more concerning here is that the chart does not have a smooth elemental flow or what we call 不通畅 in Chinese, which is something we need to assess as well. You’ll see that the Year Pillar is 庚午 and Month Pillar is 己卯,and there is an inherent clash within the Pillar. 庚 is Metal and 午 is Fire; 己 is Earth and 卯 is Wood. To put it in layman terms, the 庚 Metal is not able to do it’s job properly to strengthen the chart-holder’s Yang Water Daymaster.
  • To add another layer to the analysis, using 纳音,庚午 is 路旁土 and 己卯 is 城头土。Even the Hour Pillar is 大驿土。The chart-holder has 长流水 for his Day Pillar. For my non-Chinese speaking readers, what this means is that none of the other three Pillars are truly supporting the Daymaster, and is in fact, putting pressure on it.

If we were to use Zi Wei Dou Shu, you’ll see that the chart-holder has 太阴 in his 疾厄宫 (Health Sector/House) in its worst position which is the 陷 position. Not only that, there is a 化忌 in the opposite sector coming in to clash with 疾厄宫。

Now, this is the beauty of knowing two different methods and why I choose to use two methods concurrently in my consultations, so pay close attention.

If you studied BaZi, we know that Water represents the kidneys. If you studied Zi Wei Dou Shu, you will know that the star 太阴 (it’s the moon actually) also represents Water which naturally means it indicates the kidneys as well. Turns out that the chart-holder got diagnosed with low blood platelets due to kidney issues. The charts will always point to the root cause of the problems, so don’t be mistaken and think that the charts indicate issues related to the blood which is represented by Fire.

Unfortunately, this is something the chart-holder will be born with and these issues appear in the natal chart, just that the ‘trigger period’ came early as he experiences negative phases early in his life.

A Severe Case Where Even IVF Could Not Help

The above is a case of a female trying to conceive for several years now, but her situation is a lot more complicated.

  • Using Zi Wei Dou Shu first, one might think that there are not many health issues for a chart like this because the 疾厄宫 (Health Sector) does not explicitly indicate negative stars. On the contrary, there are quite a number of issues here.
  • The chart-holder’s 疾厄宫 is actually getting clashed by sectors that are critical to 疾厄宫’s quality. The clash on this person’s 疾厄宫 originates from both her 兄弟宫 and 田宅宫。Such a clash is considered severe, because 兄弟宫 and 田宅宫 are extremely important sectors in relation to 疾厄宫。
  • Let’s not bother with the technicals for now but hear what all these mean from a layman perspective. A chart like hers tells the practitioner a few things: We will know that she’s not someone who looks after her health, so it’s not exactly an issue of “she’s born with it”. Her own actions and habits did cause her health to spiral.
  • The second thing is that one of the clashes come from her 田宅宫,so there are hints where her physical environment, or her house feng shui, is not helping as well.

If we were to use BaZi, the 寅巳申 ‘punishment’ combination is the main culprit here, but I won’t go into the technicalities of that for now other than the fact that it’ll definitely cause some damage.

It’s been almost 4 to 5 years now with multiple treatments and IVFs but it all didn’t work out.

A Temporary Setback But A Child Is An Eventuality

The above chart is a recent case of mine of a female client who suffered two miscarriages, one in 2018 and one in 2019.

Similar to the above two examples, the chart does indicate some health issues as well. She’s a Yin Fire Daymaster person with Fire being too strong due to the season she was born in and the 癸戊 Fire combination which appears. It’s another of Water being a beneficial element but it’s being weakened. If you were to generate her Zi Wei Dou Shu chart, her 疾厄宫 has 破军 which is another Water Star and it has a 化禄 tagged to it which isn’t welcomed. Health-wise, there are definitely some issues although it is not as severe as the above case and the one that I’m about to share below.

2018 was an Earth year which not only harms Water, but it also saw Fire strengthening due to the combinations appear. Despite 2019 being a Water year, it, unfortunately, does not hold a true remedy to the issues with her. The real remedy to her chart appears in 2020 where Water truly strengthens and controls Fire. It’s also the year where her Hour Pillar gets a meaningful interaction, so my promise to her is that 2020 is a much better year to try for a child.

I’ll be sure to update everyone when there’s good news to share! Feel free to screenshot this and check back again next year.

A Qi Men Dun Jia (奇门遁甲) Case Study

I swear on my life that what I am about to share below really did happen.

This case is particularly interesting because it was one of the first few times I’ve applied Qi Men Dun Jia for someone else and the first time I performed it in person. It happened when my wife had her colleagues over for a house-warming party. As part of the night’s entertainment, I offered to read the charts of anyone who had questions, so one of my wife’s colleagues who is a mother of two asked about her daughter’s health.

I mentioned in my previous post that I took the time to learn Qi Men Dun Jia and have been applying it during my consultations and my personal life. I decided to use Qi Men Dun Jia instead of the usual BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu I typically rely on just for the fun of it.

This was the chart that was generated at the moment the question was asked:


This was the first time I got to witness just how fascinating Qi Men Dun Jia is. Based on the chart above, the deduction is that the child will have issues with the kidneys (yes, kidneys again).

For matters on health, we look at where the 天芮 star is. It lands in the kun sector (坤宫) with 癸水 (Yin Water) in both the Heavenly Chart (天盘) and Earthly Chart (地盘). The kun sector represents the reproductive organs, and Yin Water represents the kidneys. Because both the Heavenly Chart and Earthly Chart are Yin Water, this forms a 伏吟 chart which suggests it’s not a health issue that is going to go away soon. The stars are also in a 伏吟 position.

景门 represents blood and when it appears in the sector representing reproductive organs which we know now is the kun sector (坤宫), it manifests as irregular menstrual cycles and complications arising from there because the Doors (门) represent us humans and the consequences on the body. The root cause is the kidneys as indicated by Yin Water. I’m not making all this up. Feel free to pick up some Qi Men Dun Jia basics and you should be able to follow the logic behind the breakdown.

I reiterated what I saw in the charts and my wife’s colleagues were all there as witnesses. It turns out that the daughter was born with only one kidney and this naturally affects her menstrual health and cycle. The Qi Men Dun Jia chart effectively described her current health situation as well as root cause of her health issues. Absolutely fascinating. To be honest, I was not expecting it to manifest as such whereby one whole kidney went missing. I’m still new to Qi Men Dun Jia after all, so I dug deeper and I tried to figure out how this was reflected on the charts. The conclusion was that the ‘god’ 玄武 which appears along in the kun sector is the culprit, for 玄武 can be used to represent theft or something going missing. One other interesting thing to note is that 天蓬 ends up being in the kan sector (坎宫) and this sector represents kidneys as well, and 天蓬 also represents thievery or something being taken away from you.

I relived one of those moments when I first started out as a practitioner where my heart went “Oh my god, Chinese metaphysics still works and is amazing.” The fascinating thing about Qi Men Dun Jia is that it feels as though it can anticipate when and what kind of question you’re going to ask. Then again, it’s a study of space-time after all, so it’s supposed to anticipate your questions.

I hope everyone found this post useful and interesting. Yes, Chinese metaphysics can be used for health purposes, but please be extra careful when doing so, because the misapplication of it will no doubt end up causing more complications and give you unnecessary sleepless nights.

I’m really tempted to take a degree in traditional Chinese medicine. It’ll go really well with what I already know. Let’s see how it goes and where life takes me. It’s sad, but I don’t think I can apply for a scholarship on the basis that I’m a practitioner. Oh well!

Anyway, please take care of your healths every one! It’s really something money can’t buy.

– Sean

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