I realized there has been a topic I hardly touch on, which is wealth. It doesn’t cross my mind to write about wealth often because I’ve always seen it as a very natural by-product of living a good, productive life. It’s one of the few aspects of life that virtually everyone wants to know about and it has always been one of the favourite topics when we talk about metaphysics. I’m sure everyone, if given a choice, would choose a comfortable life with ample of wealth. I’ll take the opportunity to share some of my thoughts this topic and why certain BaZi chart-holders are destined to be wealthy. The clients I’ve had come from vast backgrounds, and I’ve had the privilege of assessing their charts and witness firsthand how it shows up in real life. I’ve lost count of the number of wealthy clients I have, but each time I have the opportunity to provide my services to such clientele, I always walk away feeling inspired and amazed at how much they’ve achieved and how brilliant they are in their own fields. At the same time, I’m humbled that they take my counsel seriously and make their decisions taking my input into account. ​ When BaZi enthusiasts try to interpret their own charts, they are always very excited to see a lot of Direct Wealth (正財) and Indirect Wealth (偏財) in their charts, but right after this excitement they begin to ask themselves, “Why am I not rich yet?” Assessing the chart of a person who is meant to be wealthy is not that straightforward of course – BaZi analysis is never that straight forward. Certain conditions need to be met before the wealth ‘gods’ in ones chart actually mean anything. In most cases, just have one really strong wealth ‘god’ is enough; having two or three weak ones is pointless.

There are also plenty of situations where having wealth ‘gods’ in one’s chart is actually a bad thing to the surprise of newcomers to BaZi (八字)。 That being said, one does not always need wealth ‘gods’ in the chart to in order to attain wealth per se although it does help for sure. As long as the chart structure is a good one, and one’s talent can be fully realized and put to use, attaining wealth can be done with relative ease. One can even enjoy the process too. The most well-known chart structure would be食傷生財格 and people with such charts are known to be extremely successfully businessmen. Other forms of chart structures are able to do that as well but perhaps not at the level of 食傷生財格。As long as you have a talent and are capable, wealth can be acquires, so regardless of whether you are a 正印格,正官格,or even a 比劫格, you can still acquire wealth if you utilize your talents correctly, you can definitely still acquire wealth. I’m going to share some of the charts of people whom I’m familiar with, and before you think “but that’s invasion of privacy”, a chart repeats every 60 years, so technically no one’s chart is special. Besides, they are my friends who come to me for advice once in a while, and they’ve kindly allowed me to use their charts as a case study.

BaZi Chart Of A Successfaul Restaurant Chain Owner And His Partner 



The chart on the left/top belongs to a friend of mine who has been an entrepreneur since his university days. He runs an extremely successful food and beverage business with an annual turnover of over 5 million and the business is expanding really well. He has one of those restaurants where there is ALWAYS A QUEUE. His chart is a classic 食傷生財格。The chart on the bottom/right belongs to his partner who is also extremely wealthy by virtue of the success of the business, but you’ll notice that his chart structure is very different, with two Rob Wealth (劫財) ‘gods’ sticking out which are known to be negative ‘gods’ in a strong Daymaster chart, which his chart falls into. If we were to speak purely from a wealth angle, both of them can be said to be equally comfortable financially, just that of course the chart makes their personalities and the way they handle money very different and not to mention their backgrounds are worlds apart. People with 偏財 usually spend a lot more and can be really magnanimous, which is why they make good businessmen sometimes because of the relationships they build. The restaurant chains’ partner is a more ‘by the book’ kind of person. And yes, the ‘gods’ that appear in a BaZi chart is able to determine the personality and character of the chart-holder and how they deal with the world for sure, like how it can be done using ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗數) by assessing the stars and which sector they end up in.

BaZi Chart Of My Client Who Struck (A Huge) Lottery


The above chart belongs to my client whom I’m helping to design his landed property for. His chart belongs to the Indirect Wealth structure (偏財格) but without the Eating God (食神) and Hurting Officer (傷官) to enhance the strength of the wealth element – not that he really needs it to be honest as the presence of the Wood element is already pretty strong in his chart, and on top of that he has two ‘wealth vaults’ (財庫) in his chart, his source of wealth is not only abundant, but he’s able to keep it for sure as well. On top of that, his 運 is such that the wealth element continues to strengthen, so the utility of the two ‘wealth vaults’ in his chart is enhanced. This is the reason why, at his age, he’s able to fork out more than $3.3 million for his house. He’s born during 丙寅年, which makes him my age, so you can imagine the number of times I’ve told him how lucky he is. Like the owner of the restaurant chain above, this client turned friend of mine is also an extremely generous and friendly person, and he’s one of the clients I really enjoy working with. To be trusted to the extend of letting me have a say in the layout of his new home is quite an honour.

BaZi Chart Of A Young Private Banker


This chart belongs to a female acquaintance. As you can tell, she’s not even 30 yet, but she is already earning a 7 digit annual salary in the corporate world (no prizes for guessing which industry she’s from). The presence of wealth is extremely strong in her chart thanks to the 子辰申三合水局, and on top of that her Daymaster is strong and worthy enough of acquiring the wealth that is present in her chart.

Wealth Does Not Appear Out Of Thin Air

I didn’t really go into detail in breaking down the steps in the analysis when I touched on the above charts, but just know that all of their 運s are excellent; supporting their Daymaster and upholding the positive structure of the chart. Not to mention that 3 out of the 4 charts have 財庫 within it which is great for accumulating wealth. The one chart without without 財庫is is able to acquire wealth no doubt, but keeping it is the question. Not all wealthy charts are enviable to be honest – some of them are plagued by health problems or marital woes and I have encountered plenty of those, but I won’t touch on them for now.​You might think that the four people I mentioned above “got lucky”, but wait… The above four charts holders are some of the most hardworking and talented people I know. Their level of wealth is not the by-product of their chart, but the fruition of years of their hard work and sacrifice. People do not become rich without doing anything. A chart is not a description of the things that happen to you arbitrarily, but a description of your inner-world and how you interact with the world, and the above four people truly deserve their level of wealth.

I don’t want anyone to be mistaken that as long as their chart is roughly similar to the above charts, they stand a good chance to be rich. You might argue that some people are just born rich and they don’t have to work at all, which is true, but honestly if you stripped them of their privileges, the ones with the rotten attitudes brought on by a life that’s too comfortable would not be able to survive anywhere, and I personally hate being around such people because it’s not exactly an inspiring friendship. There is a reason for the saying “wealth doesn’t last three generations”. What the wealth ‘gods’ really represent in your capability, resourcefulness and character – that is the foundation of true wealth and a good life worthy of respect.At the end of the day, one’s ‘luck’ (運) luck definitely still matters of course if we speak about metaphysical analysis objectively, but like I’ve mentioned in this blog post of mine, ‘luck’ is not what we think it is. I would encourage you to read that blog post after this entry.

Yes, some people have quite a good head start or foundation to give them a boost, whereas some really need to fight their way through, but ultimately your ‘luck’ (運) is determined by your own mindset and what you want your life’s experiences to mold you into. The prodigal people born into a rich family have a good natal chart (represented by their original 8 characters), but their 運 is horrendous, so instead of growing and preserving the wealth of the family, they lose it. Trust me, I’ve seen plenty of such cases in the course of my personal and professional life. I’ve said this plenty of times – the people with an upturn in their 大運 are fighters who are extremely resilient and positive, whereas those who self-victimize with a bad attitude are those who encounter continuous negative 大運s in their life. You can see your 運 as your mental state and attitude as well, because this ‘luck’ that we always speak of is nothing but the interaction between us and the world, and each though and action triggers off  series of cause and effects that will lead to a certain outcome. BaZi should be used to help us transcend our charts,  not be bound by them.

The perfect example of this argument that your 大運 is also your attitude is the second chart I mentioned above (the partner in the food and beverage business): He gave off really good vibes when I first met him and given how well he is doing now, I assumed that he had a good chart with very few flaws, but I was taken aback when I first saw his chart due to the two Rob Wealth (劫財) ‘gods’ in his chart. No doubt, he’s had a really tough start to life, dropped out of school and had failed businesses before, but he is doing so well now because of his sheer will and inherent talent. At the age of 28 he is already bringing home close to a half a million each year, and he did build this from nothing. My friends would usually come to me to ask if they stand a good chance to be wealthy, but instead of interpreting their charts I would usually just ask them to focusing on being the best in their field and have a long term plan for their lives and career. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, anytime.

How Can BaZi Help You With Acquiring Wealth?
I always repeat this: BaZi and metaphysics is never about giving you a shortcut to amassing riches and it’s disappointing that people see it this way. Yes, a BaZi chart can tell a practitioner whether someone is destined to be wealthy, but the wealth is acquire through capability or you can even say that it’s good karma in the case of my client who struck the lottery. That being said, I’m not say BaZi isn’t helpful in your path to acquiring wealth. Some of the very practical things you can do with this knowledge are:

  • Assessing whether you are truly capable of starting a business. It’s not something that’s easy to do, and most of us only realize this after we plunge into entrepreneurship and experience failure after.
  • If you already have a business, is there a particular period you should be looking out for? Our elemental phases (大運) gives an idea of the changes in our environment and mindset. It’s important to plan for these periods.
  • Using Zi Wei Dou Shu (紫微斗數), we can even tell exactly where the challenges will come from. For example, will the challenges come from reputational damage? Mishandling finances and contracts? Or partnering with the wrong people?

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