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Thank you so much for your patience. I’m trying my best to post on my Patron-only section at least once a month. Given the Channel NewsAsia article that just came out, it’s going to be an extremely busy period for me and I really appreciate everyone’s kind understanding.

I recently came across a pretty interesting chart. There are certain auspicious chart structures in BaZi that practitioners tend to look out for. For example, with 7-Killings (七殺) appear, we always need to pay extra attention to it and assess the role it plays in the chart. It’s a taboo for weak Daymaster charts to encounter 7-Killings, and we need to find a remedy to such charts and one of the ways to do it is to have the Resource (印) ‘god’ in the chart. In most cases, 7-Killings and Resource appearing together is a good thing.

The above chart is one such case where both 7-Killings and Resource is appearing, but it’s still not regarded as a good chart despite the so-called auspicious structure being formed. I’ve met the chart-holder in person before and it does concur with my analysis of the chart.

To assume that each time 7-Killings and Resource appearing together equates to the chart being a good one would not be the right approach. When it comes to BaZi, there’s no such thing as a cookie-cutter analysis or application.


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