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Why You Should Stop Taking ‘Feng Shui Masters’ Who Do Zodiac Forecasts Seriously

Too Long, Didn't Read Summary: Annual zodiac forecasts are the biggest lie in the Chinese metaphysics field. It serves no constructive purpose, and leads people into making the wrong decisions. Monthly Daymaster forecasts are even worse, but yet, 'practitioners' for...

Read This If You Are Interested In The Chinese Zodiac Forecast For 2018

'Too Long, Didn't Read' Summary: Chinese New Year zodiac forecasts should only be regarded as entertainment. It lacks rigour and can be downright misleading. Don't let this end up harming you. Assigning scale of 1 to 5 Stars or 0% to 100% to gauge how 'lucky' you are...

Myths And Misconceptions When ‘Forecasting’ For The New Year

Hi everyone! I hope everyone's excited about the impending new year and what it harbours, and as the new year beckons, we all await in trepidation what it may bring - the opportunities, the romance and the challenges. I remember one of my earliest entries in this blog...

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