Hi everyone! First of all! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! I wrote an article for 99.co recently on the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival and also touched on why the lunar 8th month is a significant month of the year. You can check out the article here. Special thanks to the company for allowing me to contribute blog posts on their website!

I’d like to talk about the topic of benefactors today. Many of my clients will ask me if they will have benefactors coming to their aid, and help them achieve the progress they’ve always wanted in life. When speaking of Chinese astrology we always hear the term “Noblemen Stars”, or 贵人星。It’s one of those topics which get hyped up so much that, as a result, it leads to a lot of misunderstanding of this field of metaphysics and what these stars we all yearn for really means.

As you analyze more charts, you’ll grdually find your mind opening up to a very different perspective of understanding and interpreting metaphysics, the meaning behind them and how phenomena manifests in real life. I hope to share some of the insights I’ve got through the course of my work as a practitioner, and I’ve listed some of them down in sections below to help me convey my thoughts. Do note that these are my views and insights I’ve got from my experience as a practitioner, and it’s not something that’s taken from Chinese classics.

Can You Identify Benefactors By Their Zodiac?
This is one of the most common misunderstandings. Honestly, to me, this is one of those overly hyped topics that has no theoretical basis. And it’s a very primitive way of understanding metaphysics. The popular belief is that your benefactors are identified by the Zodiacs which form a 三合局 or 六合局 with yours. Do remember that the 12 Stems in BaZi are associated with the Zodiac animals. For example, for a Tiger (寅) like myself, by popular theory, Horse (午) and Dog (戌) are considered my benefactors. Why? Because 寅午戌 forms what we call 三合火局。Pig (亥) is also considered a “secret friend” (whatever that means) because of 寅亥合木 one which one out of the six 六合局s in BaZi. I have no idea why the term “secret friend” because there’s nothing secretive about it.

I don’t buy into such theories because it doesn’t make sense to me at all. Perhaps let me list down some reasons why I feel so in point form:

  • So let’s say I’m a Tiger, but after analyzing my chart I realized that Fire is a destructive element – are people under the Horse and Dog Zodiac still considered my benefactors even if they are part of the Fire combination (寅午戌三合火局)?
  • Similarly, if my chart does not welcome Wood, are people under the Pig Zodiac still considered my benefactors even if they are part of the Wood combination (寅亥合木)?
  • What if someone belonging to my so-called benefactor Zodiac possesses a bad BaZi chart? Do they even have the capacity to be your benefactors?
  • Metaphysics aside, my personal experience is that the people who have helped me the most in my life or gave me the most joy are not under all these benefactor Zodiacs associated with Tiger.

So what’s going on here? If I were to give my objective input for this, identifying who your benefactors are via their Zodiacs is really hogwash. It’s perpetuated as a popular theory because, like I’ve always said, it generates buzz and brings business. You could say it’s similar to the issue having fake news spreading like wildfire these days thanks to social media. No one wants to hear deep theories or what our ancestors thought about when Chinese astrology was developed. We live in an era of instant gratification – people want to know who can help them fulfill their desires and they want it now. I think my close followers know I’m more of a contrarian in this field, but not because I wish to be a contrarian for the sake of it, but I really do want people to go into the history and theory of metaphysics and to see things from another perspective.

If your chart is meant to have benefactors, they will come naturally. You don’t have to actively hunt for them. You’re only going to put people off if you go around looking for benefactors.

BaZi Analysis Is Not About Auxiliary Stars (神煞)
Yes, in BaZi there is a thing we call Auxiliary Stars (神煞), but in an article that I have written long ago regarding myths and misconception about Zodiac forecasting, the core of BaZi theory and analysis is really not on these stars, but rather, by the theory of Yin Yang & The 5 Elements, seasonal changes, the position of Earth around the sun and the cycle of birth and death of all phenomena you can witness on Earth.

One should not touch Auxiliary Stars if the foundation of BaZi analysis is not there.

You will see terms like 天德贵人,月德贵人 and the coveted 天乙贵人 in BaZi very often, but having them appear in a chart means nothing if you can’t deduce what the chart structure and beneficial/destructive elements of the chart are. Having them in your chart doesn’t automatically mean you will get to enjoy the positive effects of these Noblemen Stars.

Difference Between Noblemen Stars In BaZi And ZiWeiDouShu
There are some differences when assessing the effects of Noblemen Stars using BaZi and ZiWeiDouShu. If you are learning BaZi or you occasionally read up on it, my suggestion is to forget about the Auxiliary Stars and focus on getting the basics right first, and go deep into the theory before you assess how the effects of these Auxiliary Stars manifest in real life.

It’s a little different for ZiWeiDouShu because it is a method derived from observing the position of the stars which is fundamentally different from BaZi. Remember, BaZi is not about the position of stars, but rather the position of Earth around the sun. As such, because of these differences, when a Noblemen Star does up end in the important sectors in a ZiWeiDouShu chart, you can expect some positive manifestations. The bottom line is:

  • Don’t get distracted by Auxiliary Stars if you are using BaZi. Focus on understanding Yin Yang & 5 The Elements.
  • For ZiWeiDouShu, have a very thorough understanding of what the Noblemen Stars and where they should appear.

I think the core message I want to deliver is that, you need to understand that these methods are very different, and BaZi was never meant to be a method based on stars. To jumble up the theory or two fundamentally different methods and forming your own theories of it is a trap you should avoid. The inclusion of stars in BaZi was a result in the development of astrology, and also due to the fact that the position of the Earth does give some hints on where it would be in relative to the stars. It’s not that the Auxiliary Stars aren’t useful for BaZi analysis, but this layer of analysis does not come until the very end when the chart structure has been thoroughly assessed.

Let’s Introduce Some Of the Noblemen Stars In ZiWeiDouShu
There are quite a number of beneficial stars that appear in ZiWeiDouShu, but for the purpose of this entry, I will only focus on 4 of them –  左辅,右弼 and 天魁,天越。

左辅,右弼 are considered a pair whereas 天魁,天越 are considered another pair. Some trivia: 左辅,右弼 are the two stars that move along with the Big Dipper (you can’t see the Big Dipper in Singapore), which is why, when you plot a ZiWeiDouShu chart, these two stars tend to move around a lot whenever the lunar month changes.

The best case scenario for a ZiWeiDouShu chart is to encounter these stars as a pair, and it must either be in the Life Palace (命宫) or 三方四正 (事业宫,财帛宫,迁移宫) which refers to the interlinked Palaces that have the most impact on the Palace being assessed. It is only when their appear as a pair in these Palaces will their full positive effects show up. There is another structure which we call 贵星夹命, where a pair of benefactor stars clip the Life Palace by appearing in the Palaces adjacent to it.

Why Are Others So Lucky To Be Born Under The Influence Of Noblemen Stars But Not Me?
This section is going to deliver the crux of the point I’m going to drive across. Yes, one would assume that people with Noblemen Stars in their charts get a lot of help from others, have access to more opportunities and things generally just go a lot smoother for them. In 紫微斗數 it’s critical to encounter these stars in the chart in other to acquire wealth and status, and a chart that lacks these stars would not be regarded a high quality one.

Now the question to ask is, why are these people so lucky and not me? If you wish to know why, we need to go back to the whole theory of cause-and-effect. If I were to put it in a more blunt way, if you’re asking yourself “why don’t I have any benefactors”, you’ll first need to ask yourself whether you deserve benefactors. Like I always tell my clients, things do not happen arbitrarily and for no reason. There is always a cause; there is always an effect. There is a reason why some people always have benefactors assisting them throughout life.

If you study ZiWeiDouShu and observe the people you interact with, suppose you find 2 people with similar charts, but one of them has the influence of Noblemen Stars and the other doesn’t, what’s interesting is that you will realize they have completely different dispositions and ways of looking at the world. Their mindsets will be very different. In other words, by identifying whether someone has Noblemen Stars in their chart, we can assess their characters as well. For example, to give a general example, people born under the influence of 左辅右弼 are very warm and generous people and they give off very good vibes, whereas people under 天魁天越 are able to connect very well with authority figures and are very respectful of them. Note that  左辅右弼 refers to benefactors around the same age and title, whereas 天魁天越 refer to elder benefactors who really have the power of giving you a huge lift in life. People who have Noblemen Stars in their charts have benefactors in their lives, because the core of their being attracts such people. It’s not about “luck” – which is mentioned is a word I don’t deem suitable for metaphysics because it suggests that we don’t have to do anything, and good things will just happen to us.

Now, imagine if you were in a position to help someone and you can be someone else’s benefactor. What kind of person would you go out of your way to help? Personally, I would be helping someone who helps themselves, is respectful, and basically possesses admirable qualities. These are the people who inspire others to reach out to them to offer help, because by helping them, more good is achieved and everyone benefits.

The main message I am trying to deliver is that, while it’s fun to try and decipher if your chart has the effect of Noblemen Stars, it’s even more important to ask yourself why some people get benefactors and some people don’t. I have to apologize if my blog posts seem to always have such sobering messages, but remember, BaZi and ZiWeiDouShu isn’t everything and there’s more to life’s wonders than metaphysics. The whole point of metaphysics is to use it to become more self-aware so that we can develop ourselves, and I hope this blog can help me continue my efforts in educating people on this field and not let them fall into mental traps which will have serious repercussions on one’s life.

I’m pretty sure we all embarked on the study and application of metaphysics so that we can have a better life, but it’s not going to happen if we are idle or if we only wish to hear the good things. If you want a benefactor to appear in your life – you really don’t have to rely on the stars for that.



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