Using BaZi To Assess Pregnancy and Health Issues

October 18, 2016

Before I begin, I’d just like to take this opportunity to announce that I got into a relationship with someone recently, and I can’t begin to describe how lucky I feel to have finally found a kind, selfless partner to share my life with. She. Is. Amazing. (Update: This lady is now my wife. You would have heard me mention her multiple times on my website and Instagram page by now.)

I hope everyone has been well! I just recovered from mild food poisoning from eating some cheesecake gone bad. Through the repeated visits to the toilet and my partner teasing me about my stomach cramps, I thought I’d take some time to touch on a topic that few people ask me about – their health.

I check in with some of my clients occasionally to see how they are doing, and I got a piece of really good news today! The above client approached me for a feng shui audit earlier this year in May to do an analysis of their house as well as their BaZi. My client, unfortunately, had a miscarriage sometime in March and was worried that the house had something to do with it.

The Home’s Feng Shui & One’s BaZi Are Interlinked

My initial analysis showed that the house did have some small issues and may not be good for children in the long run. The house structure is under 坎门,离主,艮灶。 Meaning the door is in the North sector, the master bedroom is in the South sector and the kitchen is in the Northeast sector. The original text from 《阳宅三要》is as such:

门主配八灶 - 艮灶与主相生,门与相克,犯五鬼,小儿不利,妇女刁恶,重娶妻妾。

I’ve always argued that the house you end up in and your BaZi are linked and there’s a congruency behind everything, and unless there is some form of intervention in the house selection, it is highly likely that you’ll end up in a house that parallels your BaZi chart. This is yet another example of this.

BaZi’s Five Elements And Our Organs

Traditional Chinese Medicine classifies the human organic system into five organs. You’ll often hear the term 五脏六腑 and 五脏 refers to the five main organs:

  • Liver 肝
  • Heart 心
  • Pacrease 脾
  • Lung 肺
  • Kidney 肾

六腑 refers to other parts of the body, such as:

  • Large intestine
  • Gall bladder
  • Urinary bladder
  • Stomach
  • Small intestine
  • San jiao (三焦)

Each organ and part of the body has its own associated element. For example:

  • Wood: Liver & gall-bladder
  • Fire: Heart
  • Earth: Pancreas which includes the spleen
  • Metal: Lung
  • Water: Kidney

The organs all work together to keep the body functioning and one imbalanced organ will affect another. I’m not TCM trained, so I can’t go in-depth into how the body and organs do this exactly. There are plenty of resources online for you to read up on though.

BaZi deals with the Five Elements, and as such, we’re able to find out which organ is causing the issue using one’s BaZi chart, and we do that by looking at which element is the main reason for causing imbalances in the chart.

Analyzing Health Issues Using BaZi

Firstly, always remember that when we’re using Chinese metaphysics to assess health issues, we’re always approaching health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) angle. BaZi and TCM both fall under the Five Arts (五术) after all, so they’re definitely linked.

Let’s break down the 八字 chart and pick out the main bits related to health and children:

– In Traditional Chinese Medicine theory, the health of the kidneys is very closely tied to the health of the reproductive organs. According to the 5 elements, Water represents the kidneys. It’s quite clear in the above chart that Water is not a favourable element for her and it’s causing the imbalances in her chart, which signals that health issues may stem from Water-related organs.

– What’s even more important is the analysis of whether or not someone can be pregnant and have children is assessing the elements representing the child. As a Fire person, Earth (食神 and 伤官) represents the children and given that the current 大运 see 亥卯未三合木局, the whole chart becomes very unconducive for the Earth element to exist. If Earth is compromised, Earth is also unable to control the excessive amount of Water in her chart.

– The imbalances between Earth and Water are the main reason for her health issues from a TCM perspective which makes conceiving difficult. Do note that the March period is 卯 as well, which amplifies the 亥卯未三合木局 in her chart which increases the pressure On Earth.

Whether You End Up With A Child Is Often, Well, Fated

This will take some time for people to appreciate, but whether or not someone gets a child, and the year a child arrives is fated. Sometimes, you just need to trust the divine timing for such events, and not being able to conceive is a reminder that you really need to get your health in order first.

The client did tell me that they wish to try for a baby this year, and I told them that autumn would be the best time to try to conceive since Wood is being controlled and at its weakest, most likely during 酉月 which just ended two weeks ago. The reason why it has to be 酉月 is that it will clash with 卯 and break the 亥卯未 Wood combination. The second reason is 申酉戌三会金局 also forms. To my pleasant surprise, my client shared with me that she recently discovered she is pregnant, and I am really happy for her!

Many clients ask me if it’s possible to see the number of children they’ll have – the answer is “yes” but with some caveats. We need to consider that the modern day and age is different from the past, and with the advancement of medical technology and contraceptives, getting the number of children right is a lot more challenging. We have come to a point where we can intervene in nature’s processes, so deductions using BaZi will definitely be affected too. When assessing someone’s BaZi chart these days, what most practitioners can do is to tell which years you’ll have the most affinity or in other words, which year you’ll really ‘feel’ like and be able to have children assuming your health is alright based on what they see on the charts.

Allow me to touch on the topic of health briefly. I can’t stress how important it is to take care of it. If you wish to change your fate, health is a prerequisite. With a healthy body and mind, you can achieve almost anything and it’s only common sense. Just imagine, with good health, you’ll be more motivated; and more inspired; you’ll feel better and your relationships will improve. It’s one of the very core foundations of what makes a good life.

There are many ways to assess health based on someone’s BaZi chart. I won’t go into the advanced techniques here. Still, it’s really about balancing the chart and observing the beneficial and non-beneficial elements and their interactions with each other. A particular element represents each organ, and depending on the interactions within the natal chart and the Luck Phases, we can deduce where the health problems will come from. I’m currently reading 《黄帝内经》now hoping to learn a few things so that I can take care of my health better.

But yes, if you wish to change your fate, you cannot neglect your health. Do invest time into reading up and finding out how you take better care of yourself. If you know of a really good Chinese sinsei, get their opinions as well and see what you can do to improve the functions of your organs’ functions.

Take care of your health, everyone!

​- Sean

For a more comprehensive case study on child planning and health, please refer to the blog post here: Using BaZi & Zi Wei Dou Shu To Predict Pregnancy Complications

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