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Thank you for visiting my page. I apologize for the primitive design as I don’t have much bandwidth to do up a nice and lavish website for now. I do not do this full-time and there a reason why I do not. You will understand why as you browse around my FAQs and blog. In any case, take your time to browse through my website, and subscribe to my blog to get to know me better and help you decide if I’m the kind of practitioner you feel you can learn from.

Should you be interested in getting to know this field and takes lessons with me, just fill up the form via the link below and I will reach out to you once everybody is ready to commence classes. Don’t be afraid to reach out to ask questions if you have any!

How Can I Benefit?

The benefits are limitless. You will be equipped with a different lens to view the world with, and the value of your application of this knowledge will only grow with time. Here are just a few examples of how you can leverage on Chinese metaphysics:

Make Better Decisions
The prerequisite of success is making wise and well-informed decisions. Carefully weigh your important life decisions and execute your plans at the right time – it will make all the difference and save you an immense amount of your precious time and energy.

Choose The Right Partners
Knowledge in metaphysics give you an unparalleled insight into human nature and how things will unfold according to nature’s laws. Metaphysics arms you with the knowledge to choose the right partner for yourself. You don’t have to worry about ending up with the wrong business partners and risking everything. You will always be able to partner with the right people – that’s half the battle won.

You can also refer to my blog to see how I’ve applied it in my own life.

Which Kind Of Lessons Are Available Now?

Only BaZi (八字) lessons are available at the moment due to high demand and its popularity. It’s much less complex compared to Zi Wei Dou Shu and easier to practice. I am still developing the curriculum for Zi Wei Dou Shu and feng shui. How soon I can roll out lessons for other methods will depend on the demand. You can indicate your interest here and I will reach out when the minimum class size forms.

I'm Totally New! Will I Be Able To Understand The Lessons?

It’s always an uphill climb embarking on something new. As someone who self-studied this art, I know the biggest road blocks for a beginner. Lessons will always be conducted by myself, where you will also be studying the history and theory of this art which will definitely enhance your understanding and application of metaphysics.

What Is The Course Structure Like For BaZi (八字)?

The different course structures are catered to students depending on how far they want to go into this field. The Beginner Boot Camp will be an intensive foundational course that’s suited for hobbyist and enthuasiasts who wish to know more about this field. Basics of chart analysis and what a BaZi chart can reveal will be taught.

The Advanced Boot Camp will teach you the techniques and thought processes of practitioners and how they derive their analysis. The Mastery lessons are for students for wish to bring things a step further and would be conducted more like a research class where case studies would be used.

You will be learning straight from the Chinese classics, guided by me, so rest assured it is the most accurate and rigourous material there can be in the market right now. Lessons are held over the weekend as an intensive bootcamp as it suits people’s schedules better instead of having it spread out over a few months.

Beginner Boot Camp

The focus will be on laying a strong foundation of the theory and the basics of chart analysis. Strong foundations must be built before any form of meaningful analysis can be done.

Advanced Boot Camp

After a strong foundation is laid, students from the Beginner Course will progress to the Intermediate Course where chart structures and learning how to identify favourable and destructive elements will be the core focus. Identifying chart structures, favourable and destructive elements is the biggest obstacle in learning BaZi (八字).

At this point, students will start analyzing charts with the help of case studies. Advanced techniques will be covered, which includes a deeper understanding of the different combinations, what they exactly mean and how it will manifest. Special chart structures will be touched on as well.


This will purely be a research class where we deep dive into the charts and case studies presented. How BaZi is linked with other fields like feng shui, name selection and ZiWeiDouShu (紫微斗數) will also be covered. It will be less structured and done open format where discussions take place.

An hourly rate will be charged for Mastery classes.

Your Course Fees Are Expensive! What Makes You Different?

I have done my research on what’s being offered out there and I have students who have attended courses from elsewhere. Based on what I’ve gathered so far, I am confident that my curriculum and style of teaching is a lot more in depth. It will be more suited for students who really wish to apply this knowledge rather than merely satisfying their curiosity. Do refer to my blog and testimonials to get a guage of whether you’ll feel like you’ll get something out of the course

A Word Of Advice For Prospective Students

If you are serious about picking this up, be prepared for a lot of frustration and confusion at first, but not to worry as I will be there to guide you. Resist the temptation of jumping to conclusions when analyzing a chart, and wanting to give ‘advice’ to others, because you may end up harming someone without knowing.

Yes, you might get an ego boost if you’re able to ‘break down’ someone’s life using this knowledge, but don’t ever let that be the motivation. Use this as a self-enrichment tool for better decision making. Focus on yourself and your own learning and don’t be distracted, and I promise you will get something out of the course, but you have to be patient.

Class Structure & Course Fees​

Beginner Boot Camp Curriculum
– Weekend 2 X 8 hour classes (1 hour lunch break)
– History & foundational theory: Yin Yang & The 5 Elements, The Solar Calendar System
– Stems, Branches, Combinations & Clashes
– 10 ‘Gods’: What they represent how they impact on your chart
– Basic techniques of chart analysis: Determining chart structure and beneficial elements (取用神)
– Assessing different areas of your life: Career, Marriage, Health and more
– Location to be advised upon sign up

Course materials are compiled straight from the Chinese classics, specially designed by me to cater new comers to this field.

– $2888 for the beginner boot camp
– $3888 for advanced boot camp

*Details of advanced and Mastery classes will be provided after beginner boot camp

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