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BaZi & Zi Wei Dou Shu Mastery

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About The Mastery Classes

The BaZi & Zi Wei Dou Shu Mastery classes are meant for Chinese metaphysics enthusiasts who wish to bring their learning journey to the next level by getting personal guidance from a practitioner.

The format of these classes is a bit more unorthodox. Here’s why:

  • To make the most of this course, you should already know some basics of either BaZi or Zi Wei Dou Shu.
  • The curriculum and what you wish to learn will be determined by you, but I will decide a theme for each session too.
  • See this class as paying me for my time and participating in a research close.

The Master Class is recommended for people who feel stuck in their personal journey in studying Chinese metaphysics and really wish to a practitioner. Many of the courses available out there barely scratch the surface and students often walk away without knowing how to decipher a chart correctly.

I will hold nothing back and teach you everything I know – as long you are willing to ask. You will see for yourself just how much has been left out in the courses available in the market.

The Mastery classes will be separated by the different techniques, so you would be participating in classes with students who are interested in learning the same technique as you.

Administrative Matters

  • Venue of classes will be decided when a class is formed.
  • Course structure is also flexible to change.
  • Fees to be paid upfront or by instalments

Class Size

  • Minimum of 3 students to form a Master Class. Max of 5.

Master Class Course Structure: 4 Classes / Once A Week


1 Hour

To Be Confirmed

Thematic Discussion

By Sean Chan

New Focus Subjects Every Week

A focus theme or topic will be established first before the classes start so that the discussion can be focused.

Basic techniques will be covered, followed by advanced techniques. I will lead the discussion and lecture mostly during the first hour.


1 Hour

To Be Confirmed

Case Studies Discussion

By Sean Chan

Learning From Real-Life Examples

Case studies related to the theme of the week will be used for this segment.

The purpose is to train you on how to think and break down a chart. Once you know how to do that, you will be able to decipher any chart.


30 Minutes

To Be Confirmed


By Sean Chan

Any Other Business

This part will be a short free-for-all. You can ask any question you wish and we can discuss whatever comes to mind.

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